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Preventing “Buckle Rash” on a Guitar or Bass

Q: After a long gig, I was horrified to see that my brand-new guitar has small scratches and dings on the back. I can see that this will quickly become an eyesore, and will probably hurt the resale value of my guitar down the road. Is there a good way to prevent this?

A: Yes! What you are seeing is what’s commonly referred to as “buckle rash” on a guitar. It comes from the back of the instrument rubbing against or bumping into a belt buckle as you play. There are several products on the market that are designed to keep your new guitar looking new. One of these is the Scratch Pad Guitar Finish Protector, which sells for less than $20. That’s a tiny investment when compared to what your guitar may have cost you. The Scratch Pad does not require any sort of adhesive, so it won’t add to your headaches. It uses newly patented technology that keeps it snugly attached to the back of your instrument. When you wish to remove it, it won’t leave any sort of mark on the finish.

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