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Playing Godin Multiac Guitar Through the Roland GR-55

Here’s how to turn off the synth function in the Roland GR-55, so that you can play straight guitar.

1. Select LEAD 07-1 CONCERT GRAND.
2. Make sure that the GUITAR and SYNTHESIZER sliders are all the way up. (Towards the guitar neck)
3. Press EDIT.
4. Press PAGE L/R to select the TONE page.
5. Press CURSOR UP/DOWN to select PCM1 :002 St. Piano 2
6. CURSOR LEFT to select the box icon at the left of the tone name.
7. Turn the DIAL to turn off the TONE. (It will look like an empty rectangle.)
8. CURSOR DOWN to select the box to the left of NORMAL PICKUP.
9. Turn the Dial to turn on the NORMAL PICKUP. (The box will fill.)
10. Press EXIT to return to the play screen (* see note below).

NOTE: When you do this, the Multiac’s sound will be running through the GR-55’s COSM amps and effects. Here’s how to bypass the COSM effects:

1. From step 9 above, press PAGE RIGHT to select the EFFECT page.
2. Press ENTER.
3. Press PAGE LEFT to select STRUCT.
4. Use CURSOR L/R and UP/DOWN to select PICKUP AMP.
5. Turn the DIAL to set it to BYPASS.
6. Press EXIT to return to the Play screen.

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