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Pedal of the Day: Voodoo Lab Giggity

Voodoo Lab’s Giggity is a stompbox-sized, tone-shaping preamp that can add that nearly indescribable something to your sound or completely change the character of it, as if you’ve changed your guitar or amplifier. Five controls allow you to add grit, a little compression, girth, and shimmer in ways that a typical guitar/amplifier/pedal combination can’t.

The Loudness control sets Giggity’s input gain. Higher settings add break-up and a slight compression that feels and sounds very amp-like. The Body control either cuts or boosts upper bass to lower mid frequencies. 12 o’clock is neutral; turning the knob clockwise decreases lows and mids, counter-clockwise increases them. The Air control works exactly the same for the high treble to presence frequency range. The Sun/Moon control is a four-position rotary preamp voicing selector that changes the overall gain structure and voicing of Giggity’s preamp. Add sparkling top-end to your signal by using the Sun setting. This is great for brightening up humbuckers. Add warmth and lows or fatten up single-coil pickups on the Moon side of the knob. The Master allows you to control the overall output level of your perfectly enhanced sound; dial-in unity gain or drive the front-end of your amp. The on/off footswitch is true bypass via a high reliability gold-contact relay. Each hand-built-in-the-USA pedal comes with a five-year warranty and uses only high-grade, precision parts.

Giggity can be placed anywhere in your signal chain. As a starting point, try it in front of your pedalboard for settings on the “Sun side” of the dial, which focuses on the top end. If you’re trying “Moon” settings, place Giggity after your pedalboard and before a clean amp as low-end frequencies tend to add unwanted distortion to modulation and time-based pedals, such as reverbs and delays. Most of all experiment; Giggity is like no other pedal.

Voodoo Lab’s Giggity takes everything you like about your tone and gives you more of it. Add a whole new dimension to your sound, available right on your pedalboard.

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