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Pedal of the Day: TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal with TonePrint

TC Electronic has a long history of making guitar pedals of the highest quality. Their earliest designs, dating back to the ’80s, were heralded and prized for their quality and technical advancement. Equally storied is their history with digital reverb. TC’s custom reverb algorithms can be heard on everything from blockbuster movies to classic albums. A reverb pedal was a natural step in the progression of TC Electronic — but not just any reverb pedal would do. In the true spirit of innovation, they not only put their world-class reverbs into a guitar pedal, but made them totally and easily customizable and competitively priced.

The TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal with TonePrint comes loaded with 10 different reverb models, which are selectable via a front-panel knob. Everything you’d expect to see is there, such as a spring, hall, and plate reverbs and a few you may not expect such as ambient, lo-fi, and modulation reverbs. Those models can be adjusted with three knobs: FX Level, Tone, and Decay. As simple as those may appear, the range and interaction of those parameters are both wide and musical, yielding a vast array of useful sounds from a subtle swell to a huge wash. A switch to select between short or long pre-delay times is neatly tucked among the knobs and offers the option of having the reverb begin on or after the initial attack of the note. Analog Dry Through technology preserves your original guitar tone by sending your dry (uneffected) signal straight through the pedal, untouched.

The eleventh reverb model comes in the form of a TonePrint, the final selection on the model knob. This is the truly innovative part of this pedal. TC has a large library of sounds, created by pro and superstar guitarists, which can be loaded one at a time into the Hall of Fame Reverb pedal with your computer or smartphone. Simply download the free TonePrint editor to your computer, pick out and tweak the sounds that you like and load one onto your Hall of Fame pedal through its USB port. The TonePrint smartphone app is almost like science fiction; once you download the app and choose your favorite model, you hover your smartphone over your guitar’s pickups while it’s plugged into the Hall of Fame and zap the TonePrint sound directly into the pedal. Beam me up, Scotty!

Stereo in and out jacks, a true-bypass footswitch and a tough, all-metal chassis round out the exterior features of the Hall of Fame but inside the one-knob, easy-access battery compartment live two more switches for further customization. True bypass/buffer bypass allows the option of reverb spillover when the bypass switch is engaged and regular mode/kill dry mode is for use in parallel effects loops.

Digital options and pedal convenience; the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal offers a wide range of gorgeous reverbs that won’t mess with your guitar tone and that are easily tweaked, all in an affordable, guitarist-friendly format, with the extra bonus of being able to add in new sounds via TonePrint technology!

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