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Pedal of the Day: Mesa Boogie Flux-Five Overdrive Pedal with 5-band EQ

When the fine folks at Mesa/Boogie decide to make an overdrive pedal, they’re backing it with 45 years of experience in the tone business. Originally starting as an amplifier customizing shop then moving to design his own amps, Randall Smith and his Boogie Amplifiers quickly became highly sought after by serious guitarists everywhere. These were among the first amps to offer channel switching and high gain, attributes taken for granted these days. To say that the Mesa Boogie Flux-Five Overdrive Pedal with 5-band EQ has a pedigree is most definitely an understatement.

Based on the highly acclaimed original Flux Drive, introduced by Mesa/Boogie in 2013, the Flux-Five takes it up a notch or two. First by adding a second footswitchable gain stage, making it a two-channel overdrive unit, then adding a shrunk-to-size version of Boogie’s legendary 5-band graphic EQ, assignable to either or both channels. The low-gain mode lives in the low to medium gain range, capable of everything from clean boost to rock chunk. Assign the EQ and you’ve got another voice, yours for the shaping. Featuring +/– 12dB at 80Hz, 240Hz, 750Hz, 2.2kHz and 6.6kHz, the EQ’s frequencies were meticulously chosen for the original Mark series amplifiers. This EQ lives at the heart of the electric guitar’s frequency range, capable of radical but always useable alterations.

The high-gain mode picks up where the low-gain mode leaves off and goes to liquid sustain — think of your favorite classic amp cranked. This mode is footswitchable, with the option to assign the 5-band EQ, and has a trim pot to set its level independently of the low-gain mode. The two mode choices and the assignable EQ effectively give you four separate killer voices in one pedal.

Nice additions such as true-bypass switching and a roll bar strategically placed to protect your EQ settings from a wandering foot make this a contender for your precious pedalboard real estate. The Mesa/Boogie Flux-Five Overdrive Pedal with 5-Band EQ deserves some serious consideration!

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