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Pedal of the Day: Korg Nuvibe Vibrato Chorus Pedal

To say that the Korg Nuvibe is an exact replica of the original Uni-Vibe would be selling it short. Korg worked directly with the developer of the original Uni-Vibe pedal, Fumio Mieda, and copied his circuit as closely as possible to bring the truest Uni-Vibe feel and sound and then took it further by adding features not available on the original.

The top panel features a power switch, a volume control, and speed and intensity controls. The true-bypass effect on/off switch, and the footswitch to switch between the familiar chorus effect and the vibrato setting are upgrades on the Nuvibe. Totally unique are the top-panel sliders that control the shape of the waveform. The Uni-Vibe’s waveform is marked by white lines and is of course, the perfect starting point, but simple adjustments make large changes that were previously unavailable on the original. Deep, throbbing pulses, shimmery warble, or sonic mayhem are instantly possible and the included expression pedal allows that control in real-time.

Re-creating Mr. Mieda’s original circuit was no easy task. For starters, the actual digram of the circuit was incorrectly copied; the internal wiring was wrong! Thankfully, Mr. Mieda was able to correct that and move on to the next obstacle: the fact that the CdS photoresistor that lies at the heart of the original circuit is made of cadmium sulfide which is now restricted as a hazardous substance! Painstaking effort was employed to match the CdS photoresistor and success was met when under the supervision of Mr. Mieda, a discrete circuit that uses a staggering 79 transistors was developed to form the heart of the Nuvibe. The Uni-vibe’s buffer circuit — which played an important role on the overall tone — was also redesigned by Mr. Mieda.

In 1969, one legendary guitarist used the Uni-Vibe in an historic performance and drew the attention of guitarists around the world. The Korg Nuvibe gives you that prestigious sound and more, with updates for the 21st century, all under the direction of the original’s creator.

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