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Peavey Vypyr VIP Buying Guide

  • Unrivaled Feature Set!
  • Endless Tone Options!
  • Instrument Modeling!
  • Bi-directional USB!
  • For Electric, Bass & Acoustic

Peavey has taken their modeling amplifier technology to a new level with the Vypyr VIP Series.

For the first time, you can create epic tones for your electric, acoustic-electric, and bass guitar — all from the same amplifier. Thanks to Peavey’s TransTube Technology and a powerful, 32-bit SHARC processor, you’ll be amazed at the sounds you can create. And Vypyr VIP Series amps sport bi-directional USB, for recording directly to your DAW or for playing back audio through the amp to practice along with. Whether you play electric, acoustic, or bass, you’re primed for powerful performance with a Vypyr VIP Series amplifier.

VIP = Variable Instrument Performance

VIP stands for Variable Instrument Performance, which means the Vypyr VIP Series amplifiers are ready to rock with your instrument of choice. Peavey added their Variable Instrument Input to these amps, so you can get a great sound from your electric, acoustic-electric, or bass guitar. Plug in your instrument, select the instrument type on the Vypyr VIP’s front panel, and it will change its input sensitivity and gain structure to match your selection.

First-call Amp for Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitar

With a wide range of amplifier models and even instrument modeling, the Vypyr VIP Series is sure to appeal to a wide range of musicians. Maybe you’d like to play both your electric and acoustic guitars at your gigs, but can’t spare the stage space for two amplifier setups. Or perhaps you’re a multi-instrumentalist, but loathe having three different amp rigs in your practice space. Across a wide range of possible situations, the Vypyr VIP Series has some of the most flexible combo amplifiers ever created.

Amp and Instrument Modeling, Plus Effects

Just like the original Vypyr amplifiers, the Vypyr VIP Series boasts 32-bit floating point SHARC processors to give you amplifier modeling that’s responsive and dynamic. But the Vypyr VIP Series sets a new standard, being the first modeling amplifier to feature instrument modeling, too! Now you can make your electric guitar sound like a 12-string acoustic for ballads, a baritone for a down-tuned sound, and more. The Vypyr VIP 1 gives you acoustic and bass guitar modeling, while the Vypyr VIP 2 and Vypyr VIP 3 give you a total of nine instrument models to choose from.

Instruments VIP 1 VIP 2 VIP 3
Acoustic 1 X X X
Acoustic 2 X X
12-string X X
7-string X X
Resonator X X
Sitar X X
Synth X X
Bari X X
Bass X X X

Effects VIP 1 VIP 2 VIP 3
Tremolo X X
Octaver X X
Phaser X X
Rot. spkr X X
Reverse X X
Pitch shift X X
Mog X X
Flanger X X
Comp. bst X X
Env. filter X X
Chorus X X

Stompboxes VIP 1 VIP 2 VIP 3
Fuzz X X
Comp. X X X
Slap X
Wah X X X
Phaser X X X
Synth X X X
Slice X X X
Env. filter X
Pitch shifter X
Chorus X X X
Octaver X
Rotary X
Tremolo X
Reverse X
Uvb X X X
Ring mod. X X X
Vibrato X
Boost X X X

TransTube Technology

Introduced in the first generation of Vypyr amps, Peavey’s TransTube technology lets you get the responsive feel and tone of a tube amplifier, with the reliability and consistency of a solid-state amp. The TransTube preamp optimizes your gain level for the right amount of drive, while the power amp adds natural-sounding compression as you increase your amp’s volume. That means when you really crank up your Vypyr VIP and dig in, you’ll hear and feel the tube sag you’d expect from a tube amp. And you can ride the edge between clean and overdriven tone with just your guitar’s volume knob.

USB 2.0 Connectivity Straight to Your Computer

When you’re jamming on your Vypyr VIP amp and inspiration strikes, just connect to your computer via USB 2.0 and record directly to your DAW — no additional drivers necessary. The output is microphone/cabinet simulated, so it’s easy to capture great tone fast. You can also tweak your settings on your computer with the Vypyr Edit Graphic User Interface, which makes it easy to create your own custom tone setups and save them for easy recall later on.


This 20W, 1×8″ combo is perfect for practicing at home and jamming with friends. USB connectivity makes it ideal for recording on a budget.

  • 20 watts of power
  • 1×8″ speaker
  • 36 amp models, 22 effects
  • Great for practicing and recording

Shop for Vypyr VIP 1 “


This 40W, 1×12″ combo is ready to gig, with 10 built-in instrument models to greatly expand your creative options.

  • 40 watts of power
  • 1×12″ speaker
  • 36 amp models, 25 effects, and 10 instrument models
  • Perfect for small- and medium-sized gigs

Shop for Vypyr VIP 2 “


The pinnacle of the Vypyr Series — variable wattage from 1W to 100W makes this amp ready for any situation, live or in the studio.

  • 1W-100W variable power
  • 1×12″ speaker
  • 36 amp models, 25 effects, and 10 instrument models
  • Maximum versatility for stage or studio

Shop for Vypyr VIP 3 “

Optional Sanpera Pedals

Get the Most Out of Your Vypyr VIP Amp with the Optional Sanpera I or Sanpera II!


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