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Parker Select Series Bronze Fly (Sunburst) – Guitar of the Day

Crafted by Parker Guitars’ master builders, the Bronze Fly is a one-of-a-kind solidbody electric guitar known for its stunning balance across all six strings and its clear acoustic-like voice at any volume. Wait! This electric is really an acoustic? Yup! Get up on stage, plug in, and hit a big open C chord – that’s all it takes to blow any audience away! The Bronze Fly’s body is crafted from a single piece of old-growth Sitka spruce, complete with a 24-fret reinforced basswood neck. Meanwhile custom piezo pickups and an active filtering preamp are onboard to deliver gorgeous, sparkling acoustic tones without feedback problems. The Bronze Fly’s amazing tone and clarity is the result of all of Parker’s innovative design and construction qualities: the solid body and one-piece neck, the custom bridge, and special electronics. In addition, phosphor-bronze strings impart a bright, luminous tonal quality to the guitar.

As with all Parker guitars, the Bronze Fly relies on Parker-designed body and neck configurations to ensure light weight with optimum performance. The one-piece Sitka spruce body is joined to a solid basswood neck that is reinforced with carbon-glass-epoxy resin to provide strength that belies the Bronze Fly’s amazing 4 lb. weight. The custom neck shape and a fretboard coated with 0.020″ carbon-glass-epoxy assures easy playability. The amazing acoustic sound of the Bronze Fly is also due to Parker’s use of a specially designed 6-element custom Fishman piezo system, married to a Fishman-designed active preamp. This combination produces spectacularly clear, acoustic tone and sustain without feedback worries. An active 2-band EQ provides additional sound-shaping capabilities, and the Bronze Fly’s output can be split stereo or summed mono, with a “Smart Switching” jack that automatically senses the connector type. This guitar includes a Parker custom hardshell case, and like all the guitars we have in stock, includes free FedEx shipping to your door.

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