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  • PreSonus FireStudio Tube – This powerhouse is packed with sixteen analog inputs – two tube-based channels, eight XMAX preamps, and six balanced TRS inputs, plus MIDI I/O. It offers the best of the past (tube preamps) and blends it with modern technology (low-jitter clock and FireWire) to create an audio interface with a variety of sonic colors. The tube-driven preamps are great for vocals, drum overheads, or acoustic guitar – pretty much any sound source that you want to add a bit of “tube” tone to. The back panel is loaded with eight XMAX solid-state preamps for mics and six balanced TRS line inputs for connecting external preamps or line level gear. The onboard D/A conversion sports 114dB of dynamic range with clocking being handled by a JetPLL low-jitter clock. SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy this interface between June 1, 2008 and August 31, 2008 and get a free Inspire 1394 (a $229.95 value). Call for details!
  • Zoom ZFX Control Package – Using the C5.1t integrated USB audio interface and pedalboard, you can employ Zoom’s potent ZFX software to sculpt your tone in nearly any direction imaginable and control it in real-time! Zoom’s newly developed modeling algorithms use precise analysis of impulse response and frequency response to emulate the sonic characteristics of tubes and transistors found on classic amps. They’ve also duplicated all the internal circuit processes as well, so you can tweak your tone in exactly the same way as the knobs and switches on the actual amp. For even more tone control, you can move the accurately modeled condenser and dynamic mics to any position: close miking for a grittier sound, or off-cabinet miking for more room ambience. Includes a host of guitar amp, bass amp, cabinet, microphone, and stomp box models made famous throughout the last half century of rock history!
  • Professional LPT6000 Laptop Stand – The best $55 and change any laptop owner will ever spend! Until you have one of these, you cannot imagine how much easier it is making music (or doing almost anything else) on a laptop. The LPT6000 Laptop Stand was specifically designed with the unique needs of laptop-based DJs or musicians in mind, effectively propping up a laptop at any one of four heights. Plus, with its three pre-set widths, this stand will handle more than just laptops! It can easily hold CD players/controls, EFX machines, or even lighting controllers, keeping all your important performance tools within comfortable reach. Set it on any flat surface, or clamp it to virtually any table or case.

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  • On-Stage Stands LPT6000 Multi-Purpose Laptop Stand
    On-Stage Stands LPT6000 Multi-Purpose Laptop Stand Portable Laptop Stand, 4 Height Adjustments, 3 Pre-set Widths, Angled Platform with Front Bumpers,Second Tier, and Clamping Attachments The LPT6000 laptop stand from On-Stage Stands is a great solution for any laptop-based DJ or musician, effectively propping up your laptop at any one of four heights. Plus, with...
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