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  • TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G – Are you looking to blow everyone away at every gig with your singing? With TC-Helicon’s VoiceTone Harmony-G, the smartest vocal harmony and effects device you’ll ever plug your guitar and mic into, you get two backup harmony singers and realistic vocal doubling plus effortless control. Not only that, but Harmony-G also includes adaptive live engineer effects that can automatically optimize your vocals, guitar sound, and effects for you. So while you focus on your music, Harmony-G backs you up with a fully produced vocal sound that includes six reverb/delay combinations for vocal and guitar input and 10 presets, each with a separate A/B location! The best part? It’s actually amazingly affordable!
  • Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb – The legendary Fender Princeton Reverb Amp of the 1960s was small, light, and moderately powered. Though originally intended for practice situations, the Princeton was capable of a big tube tone, and Fender’s world-class reverb and vibrato effects were the icing on the cake. From its inception, countless guitarists have chosen it as their go-to studio amp, crafting signature sounds with a stomp box or two feeding a simple miked-up Princeton. But original Princeton Reverb amps are prized collectibles, and almost impossible to find. The new ’65 Princeton Reverb Amp offers today’s players all of the great tone and dynamics of the original in an affordable, roadworthy reissue. The robust 15-watt platform is a wise choice for creating sweet tube tone in a small space, and even provides enough output for small gigs and rehearsals.
  • Samson L3200 – The 24-channel/4-bus L3200 mixing console includes 26 mic/line channels, two stereo line channels, 28 high-quality preamps, 100 preset 24-bit digital effects, a built-in assignable talkback system, and USB computer connectivity, allowing you get incredibly clear live recordings without ever breaking a sweat. A dedicated XLR output with lowpass filter lets you dial in your systems subwoofers, and 100mm smooth faders on the L3200 provide easy mixing control. The L3200 also offers 3-band EQ to give you the studio-quality sound sculpting you desire in a live setting. Oversized backlit mute switches are ideal for dimly lit club settings. There are also two large 12-segment LED meters for your main mix, groups, and PFL/AFL.
  • Vox Virage Double Cutaway – The rumors are true! Vox is building guitars again. Today the Vox Virage Semi-Hollow Double Cutaway electric guitar brings the sweet sound of Vox into a whole new century! This beautiful guitar features an incredibly ergonomic body shape that transcends common comfort contours! It’s actually carved into a sleek, body-hugging shape! The exclusive Vox passive, hum-free Three-90 pickup system, and you’ve got an instrument that far surpasses the “status quo” of current semi-hollow designs. Manufactured in the USA by DiMarzio, this exclusive pickup system is the first-ever to offer a versatile range of distinct tones, including clean, crunch, and lead in each pickup. It’s almost like having a single-coil, a P90, and a humbucking pickup all rolled into one. Talk to your Sweetwater Sales Engineer about pricing and availability!

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