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  • Peavey Sanctuary Series S-32
    Peavey knows that in most cases, churches and other worship centers simply cannot afford to hire an experienced sound technician, so they put their design team to work creating the Sanctuary Series S-32, which can literally do most of the work all by itself. Automix will switch from lapel to pulpit microphones automatically and even turn the volume down when a mic is not in use. Mid-Morph EQ adjusts to give clarity to voices, while Feedback Ferret automatically seeks and destroys ear-piercing feedback. There are powerful built-in digital effects, 4-band EQ, and built-in USB connectivity. With an unwavering attention to detail, a Sanctuary Series mixer is an investment that will pay big dividends in ease of use and flawless audio quality for any worship service.

  • Peavey SA-4200
    This pro-quality, 2-rackspace Sanctuary Series amplifier features four channels, each of which is rated at 200 watts (into 4 ohms), making the SA-4200 ideal for delivering clean power to both main and balcony/fill speakers. Each channel includes Peavey’s DDT protection circuitry and patent pending Auto Delay DSP technology plus a two-speed cooling fan, all at a price that’s hard to beat!

  • Peavey S-14
    This is the smaller brother to the top-of-the-line S-32 Sanctuary Series mixer, but that doesn’t mean Peavey skimped on any features. In fact, everything is the same on both units with the exception of the number of input channels. Automix, Mid-Morph, digital effects and Feedback Ferret are all there, ready to make mixing a breeze!

  • Novation ReMOTE SL 61
    The first big improvement to the original ReMOTE 61 makes MIDI control incredibly convenient. Two large, backlit LCD screens reside at the top of the front panel, which can display 16 parameter names and values simultaneously. This means that using template overlays or having to rely on your memory of what controls what is a thing of the past! Plus, menu navigation is significantly faster as each menu page is now displayed side-by-side along the large screens for immediate access and modification. A stylish Template Editor software package is also available free of charge.

  • Numark HDX
    Here’s a tabletop HD/CD/MP3 player with an ultra-high torque, motorized 12-inch platter that holds a vinyl record for the ultimate in vinyl scratch feel. Styled after Numark’s highly successful CDX player, the new HDX is the perfect tool for professional – or aspiring – performing DJs, mobile DJs, as well as club installers. It incorporates an onboard 80GB removable hard drive accessible via USB 2.0 and an 8x CD reader, supporting MP3, WMA, and WAV media formats. With support for these formats, DJs can now dramatically reduce the amount (and extra weight) of music they need to transport.The unit’s enhanced search capabilities facilitate easy file location by artist, album, genre, and track.

  • Martin FeLIX II
    While most Martin guitars are built from the world’s finest tonewoods, the Felix II isn’t about the wood, it’s about having fun. This is actually a special version of Martin’s highly acclaimed, compact “Little Martin,” but instead of a wood top, the Felix II has a custom laminate top with a whimsical “Where’s Felix?” motif. There are actually over 100 miniature Felix the Cats in various poses on the top, but only one is holding a red Martin guitar pick – good luck finding it. The first run of 756 Felix guitars sold out in a heartbeat, and this second Felix guitar will be limited to no more than 625 instruments. Talk about an instant collector’s item!

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