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  • Auralex SpeakerDude HD – Getting a muddy sound from your system? Maybe you need to de-couple your speakers! Auralex’s SpeakerDude HD are designed to bring the same level of acoustic isolation to your home speakers that the popular MoPads have for your studio monitors. When your speakers are placed on a hard surface, they vibrate. These vibrations can cause the sound to be poorly focused and “flabby.” SpeakerDude HD consists of a pair of specially designed acoustic foam pads with flippable angled pads to fine-tune the positioning. And it’s not just for speakers, as you can decouple virtually any electronic device such as laptops, DVD players, or turntables from the surface they rest on with the affordable SpeakerDude HD.
  • Auralex SubDude HD – The SubDude HD is designed to bring the same level of acoustic isolation to your home theater subwoofer that the popular SubDude has done for your studio sub. When your subwoofer is placed on a hard surface, it actually vibrates. These vibrations can cause the sound to be wimpy and lacking the visceral thump a subwoofer was specifically designed to produce. SubDude HD is an acoustically treated 15″ x 15″ x 2.5″ platform that’s covered in a cleanable black velour that matches any room setting. Now you can tighten up the low end in your home theater sub with the SubDude HD.
  • Moog Multi-Pedal MP-201 – The Multi-Pedal is a programmable 4-channel CV/MIDI foot pedal controller. It has four analog control outputs, MIDI I/O, and USB connectivity (with MIDI over USB). It can transmit controller information on up to four MIDI channels and CV outputs simultaneously, and each CV output can be programmed individually. Signals can be foot pedal-controlled analog control voltages with +/-5V limits, LFO waveforms, or gate voltages (0V=off,+5V=on). In addition, each channel can output MIDI continuous controllers over specified MIDI channels simultaneously with the analog CV outputs. You get five modes of operation: Single Channel, Quad Channel, Preset, Edit, and Utilities. As you’d expect, since it’s built by Moog, it’s built to last!
  • Fishman SoloAmp – Fishman designed the SoloAmp to be the perfect tool for any performing musician. To start, at just 25 lbs., it’s light enough to carry in one hand while you hold your guitar case in the other. And, it comes with its own durable, rolling bag that can comfortably house your microphones, cables, and all other essentials. Best of all, it makes getting to the show and setting up easier than ever. Fishman included two mic/instrument channels with 3-band EQ, phantom power, independent reverb levels, effect loops, and high-quality preamplifiers. You’ll also enjoy feedback-fighting phase and notch filters on each channel. And, there’s a tuner output onboard plus balanced XLR DI outputs for the main mix and both channels.
  • TEAC InCore ZE-1000 – These in-ear headphones give you both stunning sound quality and excellent isolation, ensuring a great listening experience. Whether you’re onstage, in the studio, on a plane, or at home, the InCore ZE-1000 ‘phones are made to perform. They feature high-quality built-in amplifiers, an acoustic filter, and very effective 5-layer silicon ear-pads that seal off the entire ear canal, giving you accurate, natural sound while keeping outside sound sources at bay. You even get Kevlar-reinforced cables for excellent longterm durability. A quality carrying case, airplane adapter, and 1/4″ adapter are included in this package.

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