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  • Fender FM 25 DSP – Pushing 25 watts through a single 10-inch Special Design speaker, the FM 25 DSP delivers the famous Fender clean tone on channel one while channel two lets you dial in 16 great amp tones. The FM 25 DSP also gives you 15 on-board effects (reverb, delay, tremolo, chorus, flanging, and various combinations) and even an acoustic simulator. Convenient features include an auxiliary input for playing along with CDs, MP3s, or other source material, a headphone output for silent practice, independent gain and master controls in the “drive” channel, and an optional one-button channel footswitch.
  • AEA The Ribbon Mic Pre – This one-of-a-kind preamp was designed specifically for use with ribbon mics, moving coil, and tube mics, and has 83db of ultra-clean gain and no phantom power to potentially damage ribbons. The Ribbon Pre is one of the only mic preamps out there designed exclusively for ribbon mics and it includes an ultra-fast, two-channel, minimal-path JFET preamp designed collaboratively with Fred Forssell. This unit is designed to have one of the lowest noise floors available. Eliminating phantom power allows for advantages in minimal signal path circuitry and the elimination of electronics that induce noise.
  • Roland Micro Cube-W – This is a limited-edition white version of Roland’s popular Micro Cube amp, the smallest member of the Cube family. Weighing in at just 7.5 pounds, this compact guitar amp packs a big punch through its specially designed 5-inch low magnetic leakage speaker, and comes with six DSP effects, COSM Amp Modeling, and a new Digital Tuning Fork, giving guitarists an amp with killer tone and a choice of battery or AC power. The Roland Micro Cube-W plays for up to 20 hours on AA batteries, and even lets you plug in a CD player and jam to your favorite tunes. Oh, aand did we mention it comes in a cool white vinyl covering?
  • Roland Cube-15X – This may well have been the best sounding “practice” guitar amp we’ve ever encountered, though just because it’s called a practice amp doesn’t mean that’s all it’s good for. In reality, the 15-watt, 2-channel Cube-15X packs a punch through its specially designed 8-inch speaker you won’t believe, with great new features such as Power Squeezer for maximum sustain without maximum volume, Overdrive, Distortion, and EQ built in, a mini-jack aux in for playing along to MP3 and CD players, and even a recording/headphone output and auxiliary input.
  • E-MU 0404 USB – This USB 2.0 portable audio interface for Mac and PC offers pristine 24-bit/192kHz recording and playback, direct monitoring, and a host of professional features in a compact, USB bus-powered package. The 0404 USB provides users with two Class-A preamps that can be run independently or in stereo to amplify guitars, keyboards or microphones, with individual ground lift switches for optimal audio performance. E-MU’s Production Tools Software Bundle (with products from Cakewalk, Steinberg, Ableton, and IK Multimedia) is also included, which gives musicians everything needed to create, record, edit, master, and burn CDs. The 0404 USB sets a new standard in portable USB audio.

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    AEA Ribbon Pre 2-channel Mic Preamp for Ribbon Mics, Tube Condensers, and Moving-coil Mics AEA's Ribbon Pre was designed from the ground up for low-output ribbon mics and dynamic microphones. And with its generous gain stage and ultra-low noise,...
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