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  • East West Fab Four – The Fab Four virtual instrument collection was painstakingly assembled, using authentic period-specific instruments, mics, and signal-processing gear to achieve “that” sound. Inspired by The Beatles and the remarkable scope of their recorded material, the Fab Four collection offers accurate tones from the instruments the legendary group made famous. Guitars, drums, keyboards, complete with their respective amplifiers, are represented within the context of the songs they were played on. Go ahead and start your own British invasion!

  • MXR Auto Q – This cool auto-wah pedal gives you expressive control over some great rhythmic and tonal textures that will make it an essential part of your guitar effects arsenal. Dunlop pedals are built for the long haul, with top-notch components, super-durable metal housings, reliable footswitches, and large, easy-to-use control knobs that are perfect for onstage tweaking. Use the Range, Q, Volume, Decay, Blend, and Rate knobs on the Auto Q to get complete control over the effect, taking you from funky rhythmic sounds to subtle shimmers at a genuinely affordable price!

  • MXR Phase 90 – MXR’s wildly popular phase pedal, the Phase 90, has found its way into the rigs of guitarists as wide ranging as Eddie Van Halen, Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Nancy Wilson – not to mention countless other discerning guitarists looking to add a touch of shimmer to solos. The Phase 90 also provides smooth, watery effects to chords and muted strumming. Not just confined to guitar, the Phase 90 fares equally well on bass, keyboards, or vocals.

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