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  • MXR Distortion III – This pedal definitely brings the crunch! Dunlop pedals are built for the long haul, with top-notch components, super-durable metal housings, reliable footswitches, and large, easy-to-use control knobs that are perfect for onstage tweaking. Distortion III gives you controls for Output, Tone, and Distortion, allowing you to go from natural grit and overdrive to intense, searing distortion. It’s great for kicking your solos up a notch, driving your amp’s input, or providing realistic amp tones on its own.

  • Sabine Phantom Mic Rider for 12″ Gooseneck or Podium Mics – This processor uses the phantom power from your mixer to run its DSP features. Included on the Phantom Mic Rider are an onboard FBX Feedback Exterminator for increased gain before feedback, Automatic Gain Control (controls gain as you move toward and away from the mic), and Proximity Effect Control (which maintains flat frequency response at all distances from the mic). There’s also Plosive Control and an Infrared Gate function that turns the mic off when you walk away from it!

  • Randall RM20B – This single-channel tube amp packs a ton of tone into its 15-watt, 1 x 12″ combo package and its modular preamp section gives you a staggering array of tube-powered sounds. Though it’s a single-channel amp, the MTS RM20B has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, which include a footswitchable Tube Boost function that lets you dial in more gain or volume, and a series effects loop, which adds to its tonal versatility. Density and Presence controls, an XLR Mic Eliminator direct output, and rear panel bias panel are also included on the MTS RM20B. Any of the MTS-series tube preamp modules (including JTM45, Plexi, AC3oTB, Blackface, Dual Rectifier, and many others) can be used with the RM20B to create your ideal amp, or switch out preamp modules as needed for the particular gig or session you’re playing.

  • East West Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock – This sound library gives you a huge selection of rock drums, basses, and guitars covering an array of styles. By reverse-engineering articulations from actual performances, East West engineers made the Ministry of Rock samples highly realistic and useful “out-of-the-box” tools for composers and players alike. Produced by Quantum Leap’s Nick Phoenix, the Ministry of Rock library is an expressive and top-quality collection of great modern-day rock sounds including multiple guitars, drum kits and basses, legato bass and guitar samples, legato and staccato repetitions and much more!

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  • MXR M115 Distortion III Pedal
    MXR M115 Distortion III Pedal Guitar Distortion Pedal with Output, Tone, and Distortion Controls, Indicator Light, Heavy-duty Design The MXR Distortion III pedal brings the crunch! Dunlop pedals are built for the long haul, with top-notch components, super-durable metal housings, reliable...
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