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  • Apple iPod touch – 8GB – The brand new iPod touch is fully equipped with the incredible multi-touch interface, widescreen display, and flexible web functionality of Apple’s groundbreaking iPhone! The onboard 8GB flash drive lets you store up to 1,750 songs, while you can load to 10,000 photos. In addition to its innovative touchscreen design, the iPod touch lets you store up to 10 hours of video and with USB connectivity, it’s great for easy uploads and downloads. The 3.5″ screen is perfect for displaying Wi-Fi connected web content. With Apple’s Safari browser built in, iPod touch is the only iPod that gives you wireless access to the web, everywhere you go. Also available in a 16GB version.

  • Line 6 Spider Valve 112 – This hot new guitar amp from Line 6 delivers 12 voices of amp modeling, combined with several flavors of built-in modulation, delay, and reverb. But this time around, it’s all driven by an all-tube Bogner amplification design boasting 6L6 power tubes, 12AX7 preamp tubes, and premium Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, so you get the performance, response, and feel of a well-crafted tube amp with the modern capabilities of amp and effect modeling. With the simple front-end controls and display, programmable patches and presets are instantly within reach. Plus you can tweak your tone even further with the front-panel Presence, Drive, Bass, Mid, and Treble controls.

  • Native Instruments Komplete Classic – This awesome bundle combines four of Native Instruments most amazing keyboard emulations. Komplete Klassics includes Akoustic Piano, with three legendary grand pianos and an upright, while Electrik Piano delivers virtual versions of the most famous electric pianos of all time. Komplete Classics also includes B4 II, a shockingly realistic software version of a classic tonewheel organ and rotary speaker, complete with a selection of amps and cabinets! Also included in Komplete Classics is the company’s stellar Prophet-5 emulation, the Pro-53. The best part? It weighs (and costs) a fraction of the real instruments!

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