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  • SWR Natural Blonde – This is a 200-watt bass amp from SWR aimed squarely at acoustic upright and electric bass guitarists. Loaded with a pair of special design, long-throw 8″ speakers matched with a hi-fi tweeter and a rear-firing 5″ driver, the Natural Blonde (extra points for the cool name) offers a full spectrum of warm, natural bass tones for both acoustic and electric bass instruments. SWR has taken the features that appeal most to progressive bassists, like a classic SWR preamp with integral aural enhancer, bass intensifier circuitry, master tuning and individual channel mutes, plus two independent input channels with 3-band active EQ and phase reversal. There’s a spring-handle on the bottom of cabinet for carrying or for operation in tilt-back mode.

  • Visual Sound V2 Route 66 – If you’ve been dreaming of the sound quality you normally get only with one of those high-priced boutique pedals, wake up! The Route 66 offers classic compression combined with buttery-smooth overdrive modeled after the sound of the original TS-808 Tubescreamer (JRC4558 chip and all!). These two effects are great on their own and can be combined to complement one another. In fact, Route 66 corrects many common complaints of guitarists – now you can combine the overdrive with the compression to get all the sustain you want. Add the Overdrive Bass Boost and get that big cabinet sound.

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