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June 2017 Giveaway

New in Stock at Sweetwater

  • Beyerdynamic Limited Edition M130/M160 50th Anniversary Set – Only 10 of the Limited Edition M130/M160 50th Anniversary Bundles (1957-2007) are going to be available in the US, and they can only be found at Sweetwater! Individually, both mics shine on a variety sources from guitar cabinets to drum overheads to violins and cellos – virtually any sound source where natural, beautifully detailed audio is required. But together the factory-matched hypercardioid M160 and figure-8 M130 mics form the perfect mid/side miking duo for stereo recording. Don’t let this extremely limited run pair of legendary ribbon mics slip by! We’re the only dealer in the entire country to have these, so call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today to reserve your Limited Edition M130/M160 50th Anniversary Bundle.

  • Apple Final Cut Express 4.0 – When you require something more than iMovie, but don’t want to move all the way to Final Cut Pro, Apple’s Final Cut Express 4.0 video editing software provides the tools you need to create pro-quality results. It lets you work with DV, HDV, or the new AVCHD footage, with precise, easy-to-use editing tools and a range of features that allow you to create a truly stellar finished product. A versatile Timeline, virtually unlimited tracks, real-time effects, and great color-correction and matting tools combine to make Final Cut Express 4.0 as effective as it is affordable! Send your iMovie ’08 projects over, then take advantage of its additional creative options – professional editing tools; the new, Open Format Timeline; over a hundred real-time effects and transitions; animated titles; and multiple video and audio tracks – to create more sophisticated projects.

  • Sabine Navigator 360 – This may just be the all-in-one PA management system you’ve been waiting for! The second generation of Sabine Navigators features a new hardware platform, new remote control software, intuitive wall-mounted remote controls panels, and a broader range of input/output choices for even greater flexibility. The new Navigators offer fast setup of your production audio rig, easy and secure configuration of your commercial or worship sound system, and complete signal routing for multi-room venues. The latest in available technology is utilized with 32-bit (40-bit extended) floating-point processors, and high-performance 24-bit digital converters. All functions operate concurrently and are controlled simultaneously.

  • Peterson TP-2 – The TP-2 clip-on pickup builds on the success of the TP-1 and packs it into an even smaller package. Yet at half the size of it’s predecessor, the TP-2 is still amazingly easy to transport in almost any size instrument case. The TP-2 pickup clips onto any instrument and picks up its vibrations, totally isolating it from other sound sources for accurate tuning in any environment. Clip the TP-2 on the lead pipe or barrel of a flute or any round tubing on horns, bell of horns, or on various parts of a stringed instrument. The extra-wide jaws have padded ends so that there’s no scratching when it clips on the bell of the horn of other instruments or various parts of a stringed instrument.

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