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  • M-Audio ProFire 2626 – This sleek black module is the Stealth Bomber of FireWire interfaces. True to its name, this baby delivers 26 x 26 channels of simultaneous I/O, so no matter what connections you need to make, the Pro Fire2626 has you covered, offering eight analog inputs, each of which sports M-Audio’s highly acclaimed Octane preamps. Each preamp has a generous 75dB gain range, a -20dB pad, and phantom power that you can switch on channels 1-4 or 5-8. You can use the ProFire 2626 directly as a standalone FireWire interface, or you can hook it up to your Digidesign 003 system, or any ADAT-ready interface for that matter, using it as an 8-channel lightpipe mic preamp. There’s even an onboard DSP mixer for ultra-flexible routing. And yes, it’s fully M-Powered compatible!

  • Heil PR 35 – This dynamic mic delivers the same critically acclaimed sound as the PR 30, but with a hand-held mount designed for vocalists. It has a smooth response across a wide frequency range, and it even holds it own against any number of more expensive (but more fragile) condenser mics. The large, 1.5-inch diameter dynamic element is mounted on an internal sorbothane shock mount, and there’s a 3-position roll-off switch, as well as an on/off switch for further convenience. The PR 35 is great for live recording and broadcast applications, and since it’s a dynamic mic, you can even use it for things that produce high sound pressure levels, like snare drums, electric guitars, or even horn sections!

  • BBE Sonic Stomp – Delivering the same clarity, punch, and definition as the famous 482i Sonic Maximizer, but without the extra rackmount bulk, the BBE Sonic Stomp is a standard-sized effects pedal that will integrate seamlessly into your guitar rig. It comes complete with a hard-wire bypass switch, an included external power supply, and a sturdy, gripping rubber base, so it won’t go skittering across a slippery stage. There’s an easy-access 9-volt battery compartment, so you won’t have to look everywhere for a screwdriver when the power starts to go (typically after about 15 hours). What’s more, it’s surprisingly quiet for a stompbox!

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