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  • BLUE Snowflake – First there was the Snowball and now BLUE offers up the Snowflake, the world’s first truly professional, portable, and highly affordable USB microphone. With true plug-and-play simplicity – no software needed – it’s perfect for podcasts, web conferences, or adding voiceovers to video projects with a whole new level of ease and quality. The Snowflake is fully compatible with both Macs and PCs, and it’s unique low-profile design makes it a perfect fit with either full-blown desktop or on-the-go laptop systems. Of course, if it wasn’t from BLUE, the company that pretty much rewrote the rulebook for mics at all price points, it would just be another mic. Naturally, it comes complete with a USB cable and a healthy dose of that unmistakeable BLUE attitude.
  • dbx ZonePRO 1260 – With 12 inputs and six outputs, the ZonePRO 1260 offers up all the state-of-the-art signal processing you might ever need for a premium PA installation. To access its deepest functions, the entire system can be controlled by a computer via ethernet, while its “Wizard” function delivers easy setup for any user, making it great for use in houses of worship, and corporate installations, as well as in clubs, theaters, and other large performance spaces and conference halls. Each input channel offers EQ, while the mic/line inputs also boast two DSP insert blocks where you can select Compression, Notch Filtering, Auto Gain Control, Advanced Feedback Suppression, Gating, and De-Essing for the ultimate sound.
  • dbx ZonePRO 640 – Don’t need all the inputs and outputs of the ZonePRO 1260? With six inputs and four outputs, the ZonePRO 640 offers the same state-of-the-art signal processing required for a premium PA installation. Like its big brother, the entire system can be controlled by a computer via the GUI protocol, while the “Wizard” function offers streamlined setup for any user, plus almost all the sonic firepower of the ZonePRO 1260. Why compromise the quality of your sound system installation? Thanks to dbx, you don’t have to!
  • Furman M-8Dx – Okay, you’ve got a rackmount reverb unit, a rackmount effects module, a high-end rackmount preamp, and of course a tuner. And now you’re going to plug that into a plain old wall socket? Time out! One big spike and your rig is likely to shoot off more sparks than a 4th of July celebration. Furman’s standard level surge/spike protection defends your gear from the spikes and surges that are so common at gigs and practice spots. And with the standard level RFI/EMI filtration, you’ll get a quieter tone without pops, crackles, and the local radio station coming out of your amp. With a 15-amp capacity and nine total outlets, it’s enough to power your whole home studio, but it’s still surprisingly affordable. Ask yourself: Can you afford to NOT own one?

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