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  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5015 – The 5015 microphone preamp/compressor puts two great Portico components into one compact rackmountable package! It uses the same stellar transformer-coupled mic preamp and compressor/limiter featured separately in the acclaimed 5012 and 5043 Portico modules, so you get all-analog, low-noise performance with flexible signal routing, making Neve’s legendary sound quality a perfect match with even the most modern recording setups. When used with the 5033 5-band EQ, it is possible to create a Portico channel strip with preamplification, dynamics processing, and equalization. As an additional routing option, the mic pre output may be routed directly to the compressor section without patching, by simply pressing the “To Compressor” switch.
  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5032 – The Portico 5032 microphone preamp/EQ packs two great Neve components into a tidy half-rack chassis! It uses the same exceptional transformer-coupled mic preamp found in the Portico 5012 and adds a very effective 3-band equalizer, so you get flexible signal path options with access to onboard functions, such as phase, “Silk,” and mute, from either mic or line inputs. Equally useful for tracking and mixing applications, this unit includes an independent transformer-coupled line-level input for the EQ section. The 5032 is equipped with high- and low-frequency shelving and a parametric midband covering 80Hz-8kHz in two ranges. The output stage is identical to that of the Portico 5012, using single-sided circuitry, driving a carefully configured output transformer.
  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5033 – The Portico 5033 5-band EQ/high-performance line driver is truly worthy of the name Rupert Neve Designs. Inside, you’ll find the features and musicality you’ve come to expect from Neve, and a significant amount of that magic comes from Neve’s custom input and output transformer designs. The 5033 sports five bands of EQ based on Neve’s traditional curves, a -/+12dB input level adjustment, and five frequency bypasses. For opposite ends of the audio spectrum, there are two separate shelving filters, both of which can either be engaged or disengaged by using the same LED pushbutton. Each shelving filter allows for a boost or a cut of up to 12dB, providing steeply rising or falling curve shapes. Built for recording or mixing, every studio will benefit from adding vintage Neve sound to their rack, with the Portico 5033.

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