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  • Edirol Video V-8 – Now it’s easy to integrate video into any setup using the V-8 Mixer from Edirol! While the non-linear editing capabilities of computers may have captured the attention of videographers, places such as nightclubs, houses of worship, theaters, and other live performances still require the services of a good standalone video mixer. Go to any dance club and you’ll see that visuals are now integral to the club experience. The V-8 has a built-in scan converter, providing direct input of RGB signals from two D-Sub terminals on the rear panel. With the selector switch, you can select between two computer sources, then add effects like colorize and negative, along with newly created effects like feedback, afterimage, emboss, find edge, and more.
  • Whirlwind Director – This direct box converts any unbalanced line, instrument, or speaker signal to a low-impedance balanced level. It features 1/4-inch parallel wired in/out jacks, as well as a ground-lift switch to help eliminate buzz and hum. A 30dB pad switch is also onboard to let you work with speaker-level signals, as well as line-level signals, and a very useful high-cut filter switch greatly reduces amplifier noise when engaged. This DI uses Whirlwind’s TRHL-M transformer with a metal shield, which guarantees you’ll get top-quality performance from the Whirlwind Director.
  • Whirlwind pcDI – This direct box is ideal for plugging CD players, iPods and other MP3 players, computer sound cards, tape decks, etc., into balanced, low-impedance gear. Using two separate DIs (one uses a stereo 1/8″ jack input, the other uses RCA), the pcDI lets you plug in an array of sources you wouldn’t normally be able to implement with a balanced rig. The input jacks are color-coded, as are the XLR output jacks. You also get a ground-lift switch, Stereo/Mono switch, and a 20dB pad switch for hot input signals. Uses Whirlwind’s TRHL-M transformers with metal shield for optimal performance.

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