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June 2017 Giveaway

New Remix & Electronic Music Production Forum Goes Live

Friday we announced a brand new forum that sure sounds like it could be a valuable resource to thousands of musicians. The Remix & Electronic Music Production Forum, which has just gone live, is the brainchild of Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Scott DeMarko, so we’ll let him tell you about it: “If you create music in the studio using Ableton Live, Reason, Battery, drum machines, keyboards, etc. and are also playing out live (or planning to) using a variety of playback instruments and devices that would fall into a category such as ‘Live PA’ or ‘professional DJ’ this is your forum! If you have questions, ideas, solutions, and/or want to network with others in the industry, this is the place!”

“The average live electronic musician has thousands of dollars wrapped up in studio recording equipment and often live PA and remix gear, as well. This is where the heart of the forum lies but it also expands beyond this into the realm of producers who are looking to get into this market and set up a home-based studio, live PA/DJ rig, experimental sounds, commercial scores, and so forth. I invite you all to Sweetwater’s newest forum and I look forward to seeing the forum blossom into a valuable resource. If you have any questions about this forum, please e-mail one of the moderators and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible.”

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