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New From Fender And Family

Fender and its sister companies have announced a huge array of new instruments and amps. Some of the highlights:


  • Classic Player Tele Deluxe with Tremolo – a dual humbucker Tele with a Strat-style tremolo; how cool is that?
  • Classic Player Tele Deluxe Black Dove – a Tele with two Fender Black Dove (P-90 style) pickups.
  • Classic Player Tele Thinline Deluxe – combines the best of the Tele Deluxe and the Tele Thinline in one guitar.
  • Standard Jazz Bass V – 5-string with rosewood fretboard in brown sunburst or black.
  • Thurston Moore Jazzmaster and Lee Renaldo Jazzmaster – the sound of Sonic Youth; stripped down and hotrodded!
  • Geddy Lee Jazz Bass – now available in 3-tone Sunburst. Rush to get yours! (sorry)
  • ’66 Classic Jazzmaster Limited Edition – just like the original and just as sought-after, get yours while they’re available.
  • ’66 Classic Jaguar Limited Edition – Candy Apple Red or 3-tone Sunburst with all the vibe of the original.
  • Bassman TV series – the DNA of the original Bassman in a package designed to handle low frequencies. Available with one or two 10″s, a 15″, or a 12″, all pushed with 150 watts.
  • 115 Pro Cabinet – a single 15″ Fender Special Design Eminence driver in a cab that focuses all the bottom end, plus a horn for brilliance. It’s a perfect match for the TB-600 combo amp.
  • Blues Junior Tweed Relic – you’d swear this one was born in the ’50s. Fifteen watts of tube power with a 12″ speaker.
  • Blues Junior Tweed – just like the Relic, but without the relicing…fresh as a daisy!
  • Deluxe VM Blonde – do blondes have more fun? This amp proves it’s true! A limited edition, so don’t wait around to order yours.
  • 57 Champ – the coolest little amp on the planet? Five all-tube watts, a volume control, and an 8″ speaker; c’mon, what more do you need?
  • Kingman Bass SCE – a totally new take on acoustic bass guitar…and it’s equally friendly to bassists and guitarists.


  • Vintage Modified Jazz Bass ’70s, Left Hand – ready for lowdown, southpaw action.
  • Deluxe Jazz Bass IV Active – now available in a 4-string version
  • J5 Telecaster – when John 5 was here at Sweetwater recently, we were blown away by his new signature Squier. This thing kills!


  • Mark Morton Dominion – created in collaboration with the man himself, and based on the Swee-Tone Jazz’r model. Gorgeous flame maple top!
  • Mark Morton Dominion D2 – a more affordable version of the Dominion, with bold-on maple neck.
  • SL3MG Soloist with Floyd Rose – an upgraded version of the SL3; dual EMGs, neck-thru, Floyd double-locking trem.
  • KV5FR King V with Floyd Rose – Duncans, Floyd, neck-thru design…and that menacing shape.
  • KE5FR Kelly with Floyd Rose – classic Kelly body, Duncan JB and Jazz pickups, and a double-locking Floyd.


  • GAD-40 – solid-wood dreadnought that offers exceptional value and sound quality.
  • D50 Bluegrass Special – balanced, articulate sound, tighter top radias, ebony headcap, and more!
  • D40 Bluegrass Jubilee – solid red spruce top with scalloped bracing and solid mahogany back and sides.


  • G6196TSP-2G Country Club – two-tone opulence with lavish gold hardware and DynaSonic pickups.
  • G6196TSP-BY Country Club – dynamic rich tones, chrome hardware, bamboo yellow top with copper mist back and sides.


  • Black Beauty – high-power bass combo that delivers muscular tone with 400 watts to drive the internal 15″ and horn, or 650 watts if you add an extension cabinet.

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