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New Custom Shop Sweetwater-spec’d Guitars from Fender

Everything you love about Fender solidbody electric guitars — and more! You’ll only find these amazing new Custom Shop instruments here at Sweetwater. Our guitar gurus custom-spec’d a very special batch of Stratocasters, Telecasters, and even Jazzmasters — and all are guaranteed to please modern players and vintage buffs alike.

Our custom-spec’d ’62 Tele and Strat models give you incredibly playable instruments that offer unprecedented switching options, improved playability, and eye-popping looks. We offer these modern-classic guitars in bold new colors, matching headstocks, and your choice of maple or rosewood fretboards. You can even get a ’62 Tele Custom and a ’62 Strat Custom in matching colors and finishes, for the ultimate in collector showpieces. And these beauties are available in three classy finishes: Glossy, Closet Classic, and Heavy Relic.

Looking for well-loved, vintage vibe from a brand-new Telecaster — with head-turning color options? If so, you’ll love the Sweetwater-spec’d 1963 and 1952 Tele Heavy Relic models. And Strat fans will definitely appreciate the 1957 Closet Classic Strat, which comes in a range of striking colors.

Oh, and Jazzmaster mavens, we had you in mind when we custom-spec’d two 1962 Jazzmaster Heavy Relics that positively brim with indie vibe and incredible tones. You’ll only find these custom-spec’d Fender Custom Shop guitars here at Sweetwater, so call your Sales Engineer today!

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