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NAMM NEWS: Chandler Limited GAV19T

The Chandler Limited GAV19T is an all-tube, 19-watt guitar amp in the vein of such vintage English classics as Selmer, Watkins, Marshall and Vox. While this amp borrows some tones from the classics, the heart of the GAV19T circuits are either new circuits developed by Chandler Limited or highly modified vintage circuits. The tube complement is two EL84s, an ECC83, ECC803, and EZ81.

The control panel is non-typical when compared to vintage amps. You can change the bias of the gain stage for different character as well as use the shape control on the power amp to modify its overall tone. There is a drive/tone section that functions only in the power amp and allows you to create distortion that never sounds weak or muddy. The Baxendall-style EQ brings something special to the amp. The Baxendall is set up to function like a treble booster pedal and adds sustain and presence.

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