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A Musikmesse Without New Mics? Unthinkable!

In keeping with tradition, beyerdynamic (with lower-case “b”) will unveil two new models at Frankfurt’s Musikmesse, a huge tradeshow beginning March 29th. The MC 840 is a compact, large-diaphragm studio condenser with a gold vaporised double diaphragm and five selectable polar patterns, an improved low-noise preamplifier, and an impedance transformer. A 2-stage roll-off filter and 2-stage attenuation make the MC 840 suitable for any recording application. The CK 930 Set miniature microphone consists of the CK 930 condenser capsule and remote CV 900 pre-amplifier. It’s designed to be used with lecterns, pulpits, or on instruments such as violins or acoustic guitars. The CK 930 has been optimised for a maximum rejection of rear-incident sound, frequency independent directivity and is said to deliver “a clear, warm and natural sound in speech or musical recordings.”

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