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Musikmesse News: BOSS

BOSS has announced major new products at the annual Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt, Germany:

GP-10 Guitar Processor — The GP-10 features COSM modeling of effects and amps, but it goes way beyond being just a multi-effects processor and amp emulator. It can also emulate a wide range of instruments, including acoustic guitar, bass, sitar, and many more. The GP-10 also has a 13-pin GK input (you can get it bundled with or without a GK pickup system) in addition to a regular 1/4-inch guitar input. This means that it can drive synthesizers and create amazing guitar effects as well (such as instant alternate tunings at the press of a button). There are killer onboard synth sounds that you can blend in with the COSM guitar tones or play on their own. The GP-10 can also send MIDI out and communicate over USB for driving hardware and software synthesizers — the USB connection also turns the GP-10 into a multi-channel audio interface for your DAW. Put bluntly, this thing is crazy powerful!

GT-001 — Looking for the ultimate studio guitar tool? The GT-001 is loaded with all the modeling power of BOSS’s flagship GT-100 — we’re talking top-of-the-line amp and effects models. But the GT-001 makes it even more studio-friendly with an XLR connection and specific effects for a vocal microphone, and a USB connection allowing the unit to serve as a multi-channel audio interface for your DAW. All of this capability is wrapped up in a stylish package that will look great next to your laptop or computer keyboard.

GT-100 Version 2 — BOSS announced version 2 software for their flagship guitar processor, which adds new COSM amp models and the latest effects, enhanced audio and MIDI interfacing, and an amazing innovation: the ability to convert the guitar input into a monophonic MIDI signal for driving synthesizers, no special pickup required.

VE-2 Vocal Harmonist — This stompbox-format processor generates realistic vocal harmonies and studio-quality vocal effects. It can even detect chords coming in from a guitar and generate harmonies that fit the chords! The VE-2 is super easy to operate with just a few knobs and buttons. The VE-2 lets you quickly and easily create a finished vocal sound, complete with harmonies, for live gigs as well as for studio use.

Cube Street EX — The latest Cube Street amp from BOSS brings amazing technology to musicians on the go. This self-contained sound system features up to 50 watts of stereo output power for mobile performances, and it runs on eight AA-style batteries! You get dual woofers and tweeters, four input channels for mics, instruments, and audio devices, COSM modeled tones for electric guitar, an acoustic guitar preamp, and much more. The Cube Street EX is shaped so that it can angle back as a stage monitor, or it can mount on a speaker stand. Connect your iPad or iPhone for easy recording!

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