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MusicXPC Professional PC Hartke B600


MusicXPC Professional is a PC computer that’s made for audio professionals. It’s not designed for organizing photos or playing back MP3s, this is a machine for professional audio recording, mixing, mastering and media creation. Out of the box, it’s ready for production because it’s been tweaked it to the max. Windows XP services that are not needed are turned OFF and the ones needed are turned ON. It’s small, very quiet, light and powerful beyond your wildest expectations. That’s the MusicXPC Professional, a computer system designed for audio professionals who want a solid PC that works so that they can.

Hartke B600

Hartke’s B600 features a 12″ bass driver and 60 watts of power in a newly designed kickback cabinet with 3 bands of EQ and adjustable Shape circuitry. Like other B Series combos, the B600 features a dedicated effects loop, line level out, a buffered input and a headphone output.Digi Show – Jacksonville, MS

Check out Digidesign’s Acceleration Tour co-sponsored by Sweetwater, and feast your ears and eyes on the most supercharged Pro Tools system ever. The new HD Accel card promises and delivers big things – be the first to experience how and why! We’re coming to the Jacksonville, MS area on 11/11/03. Check it out here for more information!

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