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Moog Moogerfooger M-105 MuRF Review

My first impression when I opened the MuRF (it stands for Multiple Resonance Filter array) box was, “wow, this thing is huge!” The MuRF is two to three times the size of your standard “stompbox” guitar effect. After I unpacked it, and finished ogling the beautiful wood casing, it was time to make some noise.

At first, it was a little overwhelming. I’m used to effects having one input, one output, and three or four knobs, but that’s nothing compared the MuRF. Bob Moog was definitely a fan of giving the user as much control as possible. This box has six knobs, eight faders, 3 LEDs, and a switch, but all of their functions are completely logical, and it only takes seconds to start making noises like you’ve never heard out of a guitar.

In a few minutes I was able to get thick phasing and flanging sounds, Leslie-style rotary tones, great “half-cocked wah” tones, and even a chunky distortion. I was genuinely excited to hear how the slightest tweak could completely change my sound, and I was blown away when I realized that you can connect up to four expression pedals and control the rate, envelope, LFO/sweep, and the mix all in real time.

Whether you’re looking for a super-powered phaser, a highly colored EQ, sweet analog distortion, or any of a huge number of tones in-between, the MuRF does not disappoint. The MuRF can find a home in just about anyone’s guitar rig.

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