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Getting MMC to work with the HDR24/96 and DMXR100.

“How do I get MIDI Machine Control working between my Mackie HDR24/96 and the Sony DMXR100?”

According to the Sweetwater Technical Support Staff this is a fairly simple procedure, but it can be confusing so attention to detail is a must. The procedure is as follows:

1) Connect MIDI cables between the HDR and the DMX. There is an adapter that comes with the Mackie that connects to the port labeled MIDI on the back of the HDR. Connect this adapter and then connect your MIDI cables to it. There are two MIDI ports that are attached to that adapter, one is labeled “IN” and one is “Out”. Connect the one labeled “Out” to the MIDI “In” on the DMXR, with a standard MIDI cable. Connect the one labeled “In” to the MIDI “Out” of the DMXR, also with a standard MIDI cable.

2) Now that we have the units connected we need to make sure they are communicating on the same MIDI channel. For the Mackie you have to have the monitor and mouse to change this setting. If you do not have these optional features, the default is “0”, which coincides with MIDI channel “1”. The reason for this is that the Sony uses a numbering system of 1-128 and the Mackie 0-127. If you do have the monitor and mouse and you would like to change the number that MMC will be associated with, click on the “Windows” tab and choose setup from the drop-down menu. Choose MIDI, or it may be labeled MMC locator from the screen that comes up. In the bottom right corner of the screen that pops up you can adjust these settings, though it is OK to leave them at the default of 0. On the DMXR’s touch-screen, choose the Machine Control tab located at the bottom of the screen. For Machine one you need to set the control to MIDI and channel 1.

3) You should now have MMC between these two units.

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