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Mixing DA38/88/98 machines in master/slave configurations

Tips from the school of hard knocks about synchronizing Tascam DA-88 and DA-38/98 machines.

DA98/38 machine numbering starts with unit#1. #1 is always a master and #2 through #16 are always slave numbers. DA88 machine numbering starts with number #0. #0 is always a master and #1 through F (Hex15) are always slave numbers. When building a system with both DA98/38‘s and DA88s you set the machine ID number for a machine’s position in the system as if all the machines in the system were of the same type as the machine you are setting.


    One DA98 Master with two DA88 slaves; The DA98 is machine ID#1, the first DA88 is machine ID#1 and the second DA88 is machine ID#2.

    One DA88 master and one DA38 slave; The DA88 is machine ID#0 and the DA38 is machine ID#2

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