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Mix Online Stolen Equipment Registry

Akai is back in the 12-track recorder business with the DPS-12i hard disk system. It records 16-bit uncompressed files at 32k, 44.1k, and 48k, and has some very impressive editing features such as time stretching and graphic waveform editing. It comes with SCSI so you can back up to DAT, CD-R. or another hard drive.

According to our contacts at Mackie, they have a new EPROM available for their DIO-8 cards that corrects problems in using the D8B with the MOTU 2408 system. If you are not trying to do this with your D8B you do not need the upgrade. If you do need it contact Sweetwater or Mackie for details.

Mix Magazine has created the Mix Online Stolen Equipment Registry. If you’ve had equipment stolen you can post details about it there, and if you are about to buy a used piece of gear you would be well served to check this resource beforehand.

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