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Mitch Gallagher’s Studio Case Study Excerpt – Sweetwater Minute Vol. 219

Visit Sweetwater’s inSync resource center for more information on choosing the right audio equipment: https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/category/buying-guides/

In the full video (from which this is an excerpt) David Stewart, Senior VP of Sales at Sweetwater, sits down with Mitch Gallagher to talk about how he built his new home studio. Mitch explains the planning process that directed his approach to his studio design, how the studio was constructed, how the gear was selected, and much, much more!

We’ll be posting an in-depth, comprehensive overview of Mitch’s studio in an upcoming video with over an hour of useful tips and information. In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt video, and click the link above to check out Sweetwater’s equipment buying guides for help setting up your own studio!

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