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The mechanics of a mixer manufacturer’s numeric shorthand.

Q: “What does it mean when a mixer is called a ’24 by 8′ mixer?”

A: When manufacturers describe their mixers, they usually describe them in terms of the number of inputs and outputs. If a mixer is said to be a 24 x 8 mixer, it is implied that there are 24 input channels (these may be line or mic level, but are typically mono) and 8 primary mixing busses. Some mixers have the capability to produce submixes. For instance, it may be possible to further mix the 8 busses of a mixer down to stereo. This mixer might then be described as a 24 x 8 x 2 mixer. Now, all of this breaks down when trying to describe a more complex mixing console that houses a complex mix matrix for instance. The number of aux busses is seldom included in this numerical shorthand, neither are the total number of input and output connectors.

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