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Latest Zildjian Articles

5 Questions with Peter Erskine

Here at Sweetwater, we have the good fortune of having many of the world's leading musicians stop by for a visit, or in the case of drummer/educator extraordinaire, Peter Erskine, booking time to record an album in... Read more »

Peter Erskine on Zildjian Cymbals

World-renowned drummer Peter Erskine talks about why Zildjian cymbals are among his instruments of choice. When alchemist Avedis Zildjian I set out to create gold by combining metals, he instead discovered an alloy... Read more »

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Cymbals Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents Zildjian's K Custom Special Dry series of cymbals. The K Custom Series is where the Zildjian Sound Lab went into innovation overdrive. K Customs arm you with a collection of modern K voices... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2017: Zildjian K Custom Special Dry

The Zildjian K Custom Special Dry cymbals are chock-full of raw, earthy sounds. Infuse your drumming with dirty, funky overtones, thanks to the fast attack and decay. You'll love these responsive cymbals.

Zildjian A Avedis Cymbals Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb68ByFapI8 Nick D'Virgilio presents Zildjian's A Avedis series of cymbals. A Avedis series cymbals harken back to the Zildjians of the 1950s. Handcrafted in Zildjian's Norwell... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2016: Zildjian S Series Cymbals

Zildjian's S Series is engineered to give today's drummers feel and tone that will sit comfortably in most genres of music. It's made from a B12 alloy that offers a specific balance of lows, mid frequencies, and... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2016: Zildjian A Avedis Series Cymbals

A premium Zildjian cymbal line, A Avedis series cymbals harken back to the Zildjians of the 1950s. Handcrafted in Zildjian's Norwell, MA factory, each cymbal receives vintage-style lathing to give you smooth... Read more »

15 Stick Bag Essentials

As a drummer, your stick bag is your toolkit. It should contain everything that you need to play a gig or to get through a session, along with a small assortment of tools that might be needed for minor repairs. Here... Read more »

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals and Remo Silentstroke Drumheads Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlDX6buKfu0 Hey drummers, let's take a look at two great low-volume solutions for your drum kit: Zildjian's L80 low-volume cymbals, and Remo's Silentstroke drumheads. Between these... Read more »

Kenny Aronoff on Zildjian Cymbals by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTfuK90VkfQ Legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff explains why he likes Zildjian cymbals. After the video, click the link below for more info on Zildjian cymbals and cymbal packs at... Read more »

Kenny Aronoff Interview by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvExVkWkovI Mitch sits down with drummer extraordinaire Kenny Aronoff. One of the world's most influential and in-demand drummers, Kenny was named the #1 pop/rock drummer and the #1... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2015: Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal Demo by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoavEdinvYk Tony from Zildjian presents the K Custom Dark Crash cymbals from the show floor of Summer NAMM 2015. See Sweetwater's complete Summer NAMM 2015 Show Report here:... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2015: Zildjian Low Volume Series Cymbal Demo by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obyhobi60gM Mike from Zildjian presents the Low Volume series of cymbals at Summer NAMM 2015. These are genuine Zildjian cymbals that play at reduced volume – up to 80% less volume... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2015: Zildjian Low Volume Cymbals

Crafted by Avedis Zildjian, Gen16 Low Volume cymbals are real cymbals that play at reduced volume - up to 80% less volume, thanks to a unique perforated pattern. That means you can play them exactly how you play any... Read more »

Why Antonio Sanchez Chooses Zildjian Cymbals

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRBdD-0Z7W0 Check out Zildjian cymbals at Sweetwater here: https://www.sweetwater.com/c1018--Zildjian--Cymbals World-famous drummer Antonio Sanchez explains why he uses Zildjian... Read more »

How to Choose Drumsticks

With so many drumstick options out there in the world (Sweetwater currently sells 74 different types of drumsticks and that does not include Rute-style sticks, brushes, or mallets!), how do you know what type of... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Zildjian fx Oriental China Trash Cymbals

Zildjian's fx Oriental China Trash cymbal rounds out the company's fx China lineup with a thin, lightweight mini china cymbal that you can use alone or stack with other cymbals. Made from Zildjian B20 alloy, this... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Zildjian fx Spiral Stackers

Zildjian's fx Spiral Stackers are paper thin, ultra-lightweight, and have an eye-catching visual spiral effect when played. Zildjian fx Spiral Stackers are an inexpensive entry into cymbal stacking that delivers a... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Zildjian 21″ K Custom Organic Ride

Zildjian's 21" K Custom Organic Ride has a unique wire-brushed finish on top, and delivers a slightly raw sound, while maintaining crisp articulation. The bottom of the cymbal has a brilliant finish that opens up... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Zildjian 20″ K Constantinople Renaissance Ride

Zildjian's 20" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride cymbal sports a smaller, over-hammered bell, for a more contained sound that's less chimey and thoroughly integrated with the overall cymbal. This ride is thin... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Zildjian Volcano Cup Zil-Bel

Zildjian's Volcano Cup Zil-Bel gives you a new tonal option - a bright, singing musical sound that cuts through the mix and is perfect for special accents and effects. Crafted from Zildjian B20 alloy, this 7.5"... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Zildjian K Kerope Medium Ride Cymbals

More stick and more volume. That's what you get with the new K Kerope Medium Ride cymbals. Zildjian slightly expanded the weight range of this popular cymbal in response to drummer requests, so that it gives you... Read more »

Still Making Cymbals After More than 390 Years

Did you know that Zildjian — launched in Turkey in 1623 — has never laid off a single worker in it's nearly 400 year existence? That's the story reported by CNBC.com recently. Now based in Norwell... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2013: Zildjian Gen16 AE

Zildjian's new and improved Gen16 AE Acoustic Electric Cymbal System gives you the advantages of e-cymbals, with the natural feel of real acoustic cymbals. The perfect alternative to unnatural-feeling metal or... Read more »