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Latest Vox Articles

Winter NAMM 2017: Vox MV50 Series

The Vox MV50 mini heads are 50-watt amplifiers that can fit in the palm of your hand. And the Nutube technology in the preamp ensures you'll enjoy true tube tone and feel. The range consists of a chiming AC model, a... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2017: Vox AC Series Custom Limited White Bronco

For a boutique twist on their renowned range of tube amplifiers, Vox AC series of combo amps and amplifier heads are available with Limited Edition White Bronco cosmetics. The AC15C and AC30C heads are available... Read more »

Setting Up a Tube Amp presented by Jeffrey Kunde from Jesus Culture

https://youtu.be/BOm3fvTxsAo Jeffrey Kunde from Jesus Culture shares some insights on how he sets up his tube amplifiers for performance. After the video, learn more from Sweetwater Worship Connect here: Click here... Read more »

Vox AC10 Custom Sweetwater Exclusive w/Celestion Greenback Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93kLrRZZBnQ Don Carr presents the AC10 Custom, a Sweetwater Exclusive combo amp with an upgraded Celestion Greenback speaker. The installation of a Celestion Greenback speaker has... Read more »

Sweetwater-Exclusive Vox AC10 Custom

Take one of the popular Vox AC10 all-tube 1x10" combo amps and replace the stock speaker with a Celestion Greenback, and what do you get? You get the Sweetwater-exclusive Vox AC10 Custom — and one amazingly... Read more »

Vox Releases Tone Room App for Android

Vox has added Android support to their Tone Room amp for USB-equipped Vox amplifiers, such as the VX II, VT20X, VT40X, and VT100X, and more. Tone Room allows for easier editing of your favorite amp models and... Read more »

Vox VT40X Modeling Combo Amp Demo by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oK5-bzT0u0 Freddy DeMarco from Vox presents the VT40X modeling combo amp. Vox analyzed actual amp components and circuits when they designed the VT40X, so each of its 11 amplifier... Read more »

Vox VX Series Amplifiers Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP3hnG6Hprk Freddy DeMarco from Vox presents the Vox VX series of combo amplifiers. The VX II is powered by Vox's VET (Virtual Element Technology) and gives you models of 11 amps and... Read more »

Vox AV Series Combo Amplifiers Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBcrLUWzLT8 Freddy DeMarco from Vox presents the AV series of combo amplifiers. Choose from eight all-analog preamp circuits based on classic amps from Vox and others for tones that... Read more »

Vox AV15 Modeling Amplifier Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_BckqoMT5I Sweetwater guitarist Don Carr presents the Vox AV15 modeling amp. It delivers real tube grit and dynamic response from twin 12AX7s in the preamp and power amp stages... Read more »

Musikmesse 2016: Vox Pathfinder 10 Denim

The Pathfinder 10's powerful yet always tone-filled 10-watt output makes this amp perfect for home practice, backstage warm-up, and recording. The clean/overdrive switch allows you to change instantly between clean... Read more »

Musikmesse 2016: Vox V860

Vox's V860 volume pedal is built to withstand the rigors of the road. The pedal's aluminum chass stands up against constant use, and the volume potentiometer is encased to keep it free of dirt and other... Read more »

How to “Jump” the Channels on a Vox AC15

Modern Vox AC30 amplifiers have two channels — Normal and Top Boost — and two separate inputs (high- and low gain) for each channel. A fairly common trick to get even more mojo out of a Vox AC30 is to... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2016: Vox AV Series

Throw out what you know about modeling amps! The Vox Analog Valve combos deliver real tube grit and dynamic response from twin 12AX7s in the preamp and power amp stages. Choose from eight all-analog preamp circuits... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2016: Vox AC15CH and AC30CH

These Vox heads deliver the classic chime and complex grind that has made the brand famous. These designs were one of the first to define the British sound and continues to be used on stages and in studios around... Read more »

Portable Electric Guitar Solutions

If you've ever had to decide whether or not to bring your guitar along with you solely due to space, check this out. Here are some ideas for portable guitar rigs that don't sacrifice quality in the name of size. The... Read more »

Vox VT20X 1×8″ Combo Amp Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NNDsJddCJU Mitch Gallagher presents the Vox VT20X combo amp. When Vox was designing the VT20X, they didn't just model the sound of guitar amplifiers, they employed VET (Virtual... Read more »

Vox’s Classic AC Tone in a Convenient Package

There aren't many amplifier tones as iconic as the Vox AC series Top Boost. Now you can get that legendary tone in a more compact but gig-friendly 1 x 10" combo amplifier package with the Vox AC10C1. This all-tube... Read more »

Vox Unveils VX-series Amps

Vox has been on the cutting edge of amplifier modeling for almost 15 years, and now they are back with a next-generation, next-level modeling technique called Virtual Element Technology (VET), featured in two new... Read more »

Vox AC10C1 Tube Combo Amplifier Review by Sweetwater Sound

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIDREzzCfjA Get the Vox AC10C1 combo here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AC10C1 Sweetwater's Guitars and Gear, Vol. 123 Mitch Gallagher presents the Vox AC10C1 tube combo... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Vox amPlug Cabinet G2

If you're one of the thousands of guitarists who has discovered the Vox amPlug headphone amps, you know how handy they are. Vox has redesigned the amPlug Cabinet so you can be heard. This battery-powered mini-amp... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Vox Limited Edition Red Amps

Inspired by their Custom Color amps of the '60s, Vox introduces AC4, AC15C1, and Pathfinder 10 combo amps with a limited-edition red vinyl covering. This new covering is paired with the well-known Vox diamond grille... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Vox VT20+ Classic

Get state-of-the-art amp modeling technology and vintage Vox looks with the Vox VT20+ Classic combo guitar amplifier. This 30-watt 1 x 8" combo guitar amplifier offers 33 amazing-sounding amplifiers in a single... Read more »

How To Choose a Guitar Speaker Cabinet – Part 3

Miss the first two installments of this series? Check out Part I and Part II! The sound of combined speakers has many elements: increased volume, more speaker surface, and higher wattage handling capability, to name... Read more »