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Latest TC Electronic Articles

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb Pedal Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNoB1w0S4RU Get the Hall of Fame Mini pedal right here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/HOFMini Russell Gray from TC Electronic demonstrates the Hall of Fame Mini reverb... Read more »

Live from NAMM: TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

The TC Electronic Ditto was massively successful as a looper pedal because it was tremendously simple; the new X2 version is still simple to operate, but offers an extra assignable footswitch from controlling loops... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2014: TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2

The TC Electronic Ditto Looper was easily one of the hottest guitar products of 2013. Now TC Electronic is upping the anti with the Ditto Looper X2. The Ditto Looper X2 features an expanded 2-button user interface... Read more »

TC Releases Tone Print Editor for iPad

TC Electronic's Tone Print family of pedals and bass amps have been incredibly popular due to several reasons: great sound quality, versatile effects, affordable prices, compact form factor...the list goes on! One... Read more »

Bootlegger Overdrive and Hall of Fame Mini Reverb Pedals Demo – Sweetwater Guitars and Gear Vol. 57

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBenbmpiv0k Get the Keeley Bootlegger Overdrive pedal at Sweetwater here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/BootleggerOD Get the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb at... Read more »

Hands On: tc electronic Spark Mini Boost

Need a little boost in your guitar playing? Then here's the solution: the brand-new tc electronic Spark Mini Boost! The Spark Mini Boost is a clean boost pedal in a compact enclosure - I love these little... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2013: TC Electronic Spark Mini

TC Electronic brings you a smart way to supercharge your guitar tone with the Spark Mini booster pedal. This compact pedal packs 20dB of gain boost, perfect for solo boosts or sending your amp into overdrive. The... Read more »

Summer NAMM Day 2!

The Summer NAMM show, taking place in Nashville's brand-new Music City Center, is in full swing! Summer NAMM is always a great show for new gear introductions, and this year is no different. There are new products... Read more »

TC Electronic Toneprint Editor for iPad

TC Electronic has announced that a version of the Toneprint Editor software, for creating and modifying sounds on Toneprint series pedals, will be available as an app for the iPad. Like the previous Toneprint Editor... Read more »

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Guitar Pedal Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD7j-qvl1qA Get your own Ditto Looper pedal right here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DittoLooper Russel Gray, Product Specialist for TC Electronic, demonstrates how easy it... Read more »

M.I.P.A. Winners Announced

Each year, at the Musikmesse trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, the world's journalists get together and present awards to the best products in a wide range of categories — the Musikmesse International Press... Read more »

Hands on: TC Electronic Ditto

Looking for the world's smallest and easiest-to-use looping pedal? The TC Electronic Ditto definitely fills those requirements! The Ditto is a super-compact "bantam" pedal with just a single footswitch and a single... Read more »

Free TC Electronic TonePrint Editor Now Available

In response to popular demand, TC Electronic has released free TonePrint Editor software, which allows for the creation of custom sounds for the company's TonePrint family of pedals. The software comes with a... Read more »

NAMM News: TC Electronic Ditto

Is the TC Electronic Ditto the easiest looper to operate? It couldn't be much simpler, which means that you can keep your focus on making music! A single footswitch allows you to record and play loops, undo/redo... Read more »

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal – Sweetwater at Winter NAMM 2013

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2p7usOg2fAA Russell Gray from TC Electronic demonstrates the Ditto Looper, a compact, pedalboard-friendly looper pedal that's extremely easy to use. Get the story on this and tons of... Read more »

Announcing the TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Designed specifically for guitar players, the upcoming TC Electronic Ditto Looper pedal is a compact stompbox with minimal controls that provides ease of use along with the functionality required for creating and... Read more »

Hands On Review: tc electronic Flashback X4

I love delay pedals. I have many in my collection, and each one is slightly different. But what I really want is a pedal with tap tempo and a few presets. The big thing this delay needs is an input for an expression... Read more »

Delay Trails?

Q: I see several delay pedals, such as the new Way Huge Supa-Puss, the TC Electronic Flashback and Flashback X4, and others, that can turn "trails" on and off. What does this mean? A: "Trails" refers to the echo... Read more »

TC Electronic Flashback X4 Analog Dry Through?

Q: The information on the upcoming TC Electronic Flashback X4 pedal says that it has "analog dry through." What does this mean? A: With many digital effects pedals, the incoming analog signal from the guitar or... Read more »

Flashback X4

Love (or want) the TC Electronic Flashback delay pedal? Then you're going to love (or want) the Flashback X4 four times as much! The new pedal can store and recall three presets from footswitches, and it has a... Read more »


Name given by TC Electronic to the proprietary, downloadable presets that may be loaded into certain of their digital effects stompboxes. TonePrints may be transferred from the TC website using a USB connection to... Read more »

Hands On Review: tc electronic BG250 and BH250

For years, bassists suffered immensely, forced to haul around massive cabinets and heavy amp heads in order to get the tone and volume they required. But today, that’s all changed. Using modern technology... Read more »

NAMM NEWS: TC Electronic BH250

The TC Electronic BH250 is a 250-watt bass amp in a 4.5-pound package — amazing! The BH250 also delivers integrated Tone Print capability for loads of onboard effects options and it even has a built-in tuner.

Hands On Review: TC Electronic/Sweetwater TonePrints

Readers of SweetNotes and Sweetwater’s other publications know that I love to get “hands on” with gear of all types. That’s why I was so thrilled to be asked to work with TC Electronic to create an exclusive set of... Read more »