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Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Dynamic Microphone Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6QL_5jz5Ps Mitch Gallagher presents the Shure KSM8 Dualdyne dynamic microphone.The first dynamic mic of its kind, the Shure KSM8 Dualdyne microphone combines two diaphragms... Read more »

7 Tips for Guitarists Using In-ears

You're finally happy with the sound coming from your guitar amp, now it's time to mic it up and send it back through your in-ear monitors so you can hear it onstage. Somehow, though, from your amp to your in-ears... Read more »

Portable Electric Guitar Solutions

If you've ever had to decide whether or not to bring your guitar along with you solely due to space, check this out. Here are some ideas for portable guitar rigs that don't sacrifice quality in the name of size. The... Read more »

3 Tips for Using Headphones in the Studio

Studio headphones sound better than ever! Here are three headphone-related tips that will help you make the most out of your recording time: 1 - Bring Your Own Most studios have headphones for musicians to wear... Read more »

139th AES Convention: Shure SHA900

Shure aims to enhance your listening experience with headphones and earbuds with the SHA900 portable listening amplifier. It features multiple output gain structures optimized for both headphones and earphones... Read more »

139th AES Convention: Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System

Expect to hear your music with amazing transparency and detail with Shure's KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System. These earphones sport ultra-low-mass diaphragms surrounded by an electrostatic field for incredible... Read more »

139th AES Convention: Shure SE846 Bronze Earphones

Sporting a distinctive new color, The Shure SE846 sound-isolating quad-driver earphones feature a four balanced-armature high-definition MicroDrivers that cover the whole frequency spectrum with staggering detail... Read more »

Shure MVL Mobile Lavalier Mic

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iWOaiVV93A Thomas Banks from Shure presents the MVL Mobile Lavalier Mic. Just plug the MVL into the headphone jack of any smartphone or tablet computer with recording capabilities... Read more »

Shure MVi USB Interface Overview by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VsDR89KW8c Thomas Banks from Shure presents the MVi USB interface for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. The class A preamp includes phantom power for your condenser mics, and there are... Read more »

Shure MV5 USB Microphone Overview by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX_rkOfycCw Thomas Banks from Shure presents the MV5 USB microphone for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. This all-in-one microphone/audio interface includes three DSP presets for... Read more »

Shure MV88 Mid-side Microphone for iOS Overview by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQNDRGvzt3o Thomas Banks from Shure presents the MV88, a mid-side microphone with a Lightning connector for iOS devices. You can record 24-bit/48kHz audio straight to your device... Read more »

Shure MV51 USB Microphone Overview by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bi2ikI_YvI Thomas Banks from Shure presents the Motiv MV51 USB microphone for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. A 1" condenser microphone element onboard the MV51 captures clear sound... Read more »

Shure MOTIV Microphones Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Mic for Your Needs Shure's MOTIV digital microphones and mobile-ready recording devices offer artists, video content creators, and podcasters an array of useful hardware for capturing quality... Read more »

How To Mic Drums for Recording, Part 3 — Multiple Microphones

Welcome to part 3 of our "How to Mic Drums for Recording" series. Part One was about using two microphones, Part Two covered a couple of different ways to utilize four microphones, and now, with Part Three, we're... Read more »

How To Mic Drums for Recording Part 2 — Four Microphones

Welcome to part 2 of this How To series on recording drums. We are focusing on the microphones used and how to get the most out of a number of different recording situations. Not everyone has the budget to go into a... Read more »

Shure PG Alta Microphone Line – Sweetwater at Winter NAMM 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZw6-VsX8U4 Learn more here: https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/shure-pg-alta/ John from Shure presents the PG Alta line of microphones from the show floor of Winter NAMM 2015. After... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Shure PG Alta

From Shure comes the new PG ALTA line of microphones - a comprehensive line of entry level microphones with professional features at a project studio price. With 14 new products that include vocal and instrument... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Shure Motiv

The new MOTIV plug-and-play digital microphone line from Shure is just what you need to record high-quality audio in practically any situation. With three different condenser mic options and a stellar interface... Read more »

Shure Motiv Series Review by Sweetwater Sound

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drJZKSY_F1A Sweetwater's iOS Update, Vol. 95 Mitch Gallagher presents the Motiv series by Shure which includes the MVI audio interface, the i5 microphone, and the MV-51 microphone... Read more »

Sweetwater’s Shure QLXD Wireless Microphone System Overview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPAToKJ3QSI Get the Shure QLXD wireless mic system here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/QLXD24SM58-J50 Gino Sigismondi from Shure presents the QLXD series of wireless... Read more »

Sweetwater’s Shure PSM300 Personal Monitoring System Overview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmQ_fEldgDg Get the Shure P3T transmitter here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/P3T-J13 Get the Shure P3RA receiver here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/P3RA-J13... Read more »

How To Mic Drums for Recording, Part 1 — Two Microphones

In This How-To series we are going to get into how to record drums. It doesn't matter if you are using just two microphones or using 10 or more, there are many easy techniques you can use to get a good drum sound... Read more »

Hands On: Shure GLX-D

Cut the cord! To go wireless as a guitarist is to experience tremendous freedom. Don’t get me wrong, cables do the job and can even be used to fine-tune your tone. But the ability to transmit a transparent sound... Read more »

AES News: Shure SRH1540

Shure introduced the premium SRH1540 Closed Mastering and Studio Headphones at AES 2013. The new 'phones are aimed at critical listening applications for music and audio production as well as mastering. The SRH1540... Read more »