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Latest RJM Music Articles

RJM Music Mastermind PBC 10-Loop Pedal Switcher Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRScnCqmWyk Mitch Gallagher presents the RJM Music Mastermind PBC, a 10-loop pedal switch and rig controller. Designed specifically for pedalboards, the Mastermind PBC provides you... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2015: RJM Mastermind PBC Audio Loop Switcher Overview by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cyW1IUTAM4 Ron from RJM Music Technology presents the Mastermind PBC audio loop switcher for your guitar effects pedals. Designed specifically for pedalboards, the Mastermind PBC... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2015: RJM Music Mastermind PBC

If you love your stompboxes, but crave the flexibility of a rack-switching system, the RJM Music Mastermind PBC pedalboard controller will make you very, very happy. Designed specifically for pedalboards, the... Read more »

Hands On Review: RJM Music Technology Tone Saver

Maintaining your guitar tone in the face of the harsh environment of a loaded pedalboard and long cable runs can be a challenge. While one long cable may not trash your sound, and one pedal — even a poorly designed... Read more »

Cool Tool: Tone Preservation

If you're using more than a pedal or two in your guitar or bass rig, then you may be familiar with sonic destruction resulting from "tone suck" — the loss of your precious tone due to long cable runs, pedal... Read more »

Two Parallel Pedals in an Effects Loop

Q: I have two pedals that I want to run in my guitar amp's effects loop, but I don't want to run one after the other in series. I want the signal from the effects loop send to split, go through the pedals "side by... Read more »

Multiple MIDI Program Changes

Q: I need to send out several different MIDI program changes on different MIDI channels at the same time by pressing one button. Is there a device that can do this? A: One solution might be the RJM Music MasterMind... Read more »

RJM Music Mini Effects Gizmo Loops

Q: I'm very interested in the RJM Music Mini Effect Gizmo for my pedalboard. But I'm confused. The box has five loops. How come when you run some of the loops in front of your amp and some of the loops in the amp's... Read more »

Cool Tools: RJM Music Effect Gizmo Loop Switcher

Q: I was checking out the manual for the RJM Music Effect Gizmo loop switcher, and it seems that the last four loops on the box are not only stereo-capable, but that each is independent, meaning you need to run a... Read more »

Line Level Effect Gizmo?

Q: I'm very interested in the RJM Music Effect Gizmo, but for the way I set up my rig, I need to be able to run line-level signals through it. Will it work okay at line level? A: Absolutely! The Effect Gizmo will be... Read more »

Stereo Chorus Flanger and Loop Switchers

Q: I have a TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger pedal that I love, but when I try to use it with my RJM Music Effect Gizmo, I get a loud pop. What's up? A: This is a known problem with SCF pedals and loop switchers... Read more »

Power for RJM Music Effect Gizmo/MasterMind

Q: The manual for my RJM Music Effect Gizmo/MasterMind says that I can power the foot controller (the MasterMind) using a 7-pin MIDI cable. I thought MIDI cables only had five pins, and that two of those were... Read more »

MIDI Amp Switching

Q: I have a guitar set up where I'm using a couple of rack effects boxes that I'm controlling with a MIDI switcher pedal. I really want my amp to change channels when I call up certain programs, but the amp doesn't... Read more »

How Many Pedals? (Part 2)

In yesterday's TTOTD, we discussed how to evaluate whether the stompboxes you're using are affecting your guitar tone when they're bypassed. But what can you do if you discover a pedal or pedals are causing tone... Read more »