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Latest Rivera Articles

Rivera Venus Recording Amplifier Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-3TMR3SPAs Mitch Gallagher demonstrates the Rivera Venus recording amp. This exceptional amp provides you with 25 watts of pure 6V6 power, along with five preamp tubes, putting... Read more »

7 Tips for Guitarists Using In-ears

You're finally happy with the sound coming from your guitar amp, now it's time to mic it up and send it back through your in-ear monitors so you can hear it onstage. Somehow, though, from your amp to your in-ears... Read more »

Rivera Venus Recording — Tone Toolbox!

Combining a two-channel 25-watt amp head with an integrated Rockcrusher attenuator, 11-band EQ, and more, the new Venus Recording from Rivera is the ideal solution for guitarists looking for studio tone and a... Read more »

How To Get the Most From Your Compressor Pedal: Part 1

Most guitarists associate compressor pedals with snappy country licks, spanky funk rhythm, and clean, sustained, single-line leads. While these are iconic sounds, compressor pedals can be set up in a variety of... Read more »

What Amplifier was Used in the Ibanez AM93 Demo Video?

Q: What is the amp that Mitch Gallagher used to demo the Ibanez AM93 semi-hollowbody guitarĀ in his Sweetwater Guitars & Gear Youtube video? A: Mitch was playing through a Rivera Venus 3 combo amp.

How to Reduce the Volume of a Guitar Amp Using an Attenuator

Many modern guitar amplifiers have very effective master volume controls that allow you to play a high-wattage amplifier at lower volumes and still get great tone. But a fair number of vintage amps don't have master... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2014: Rivera Jazz Suprema 25

Created and designed to be played with archtops, the Jazz Suprema 25 delivers a huge, warm tone with tons of headroom. This 25-watt, all-tube combo amp is perfect for smaller gigs. Rivera loaded the Jazz Suprema... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2014: Rivera Venus Duex

Rivera's Venus Duex lets your pedalboard shine through. Designed to give you a clean foundation with maximum headroom, the Venus Duex is the perfect amp for players that want their pedals to be the principal source... Read more »

Guitars and Gear Vol. 22 – Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator/Speaker Emulator Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Tbg2jdxZ3c Check out the RockCrusher Recording in more detail right here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/RockCrushREC Mitch Gallagher sits down with Paul Rivera Jr. from... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2013: Rivera RockCrusher Recording

Building on the already popular RockCrusher power attenuator, Rivera announces the RockCrusher Recording. Place the RockCrusher Recording between your amp and speaker cabinet and you'll be able to crank up the tone... Read more »

Rivera Makes Your Amp Sound Huge, Without the Huge Volume Levels

Everybody loves big amp tones. But not everybody loves the volume levels needed to achieve that sweet spot. How do you get your amp's power section cooking in the studio, onstage, or during rehearsal - without... Read more »

Cool Guitar Tools: Silent Sister

Friday's Tech Tip featured the Rivera RockCrusher, a very cool power attenuator for guitar amps. But that's not the only awesome volume-control solution from our friends at Rivera! To totally contain the amp's... Read more »

Cool Guitar Tools: Rivera RockCrusher

Lovers of tube amps are all too familiar with this problem: in many cases, to get the amp into its "sweet spot," you have to crank it up to very loud levels. If the amp is more than a few watts, it may be too loud... Read more »