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Latest Propellerhead Articles

Propellerhead Reason 9.5 DAW Software Reviewed – Now Supports Plug-ins!

Here's a reason to celebrate: now you can enhance your Reason sessions with any plug-in you want! Faster, sleeker, and more intuitive than ever, Reason 9.5 adds VST plug-in support to the legendary DAW's acclaimed... Read more »

Propellerhead Releases Reason 9.2 Update

Propellerhead has just updated Reason to version 9.2. In addition to bug fixes, the main focus of this release is that it introduces Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.5 to developers, which features: User sample... Read more »

Propellerhead Releases Reason 9.1 Update

Propellerhead has released a free update — version 9.1 — to Reason featuring the addition of Ableton Link support. Ableton Link, introduced in November 2015, allows apps on different devices to play in... Read more »

Propellerhead Reason 9 Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_pdfqNMo_M Gerry Bassermann from Propellerhead Software presents Reason 9. He demonstrates some ways to kick-start your creativity using Reason 9's Player devices - Scales and... Read more »

How to Record the Output of a Reason 9 Player Device to a Track

One of the new features in Propellerhead Reason 9 is Player devices (such as Note Echo, Scales and Chords, and Dual Arpeggio), which let you alter playback of a MIDI performance in realtime. This means if you record... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2016: Propellerhead Reason 9

Propellerhead Reason 9 is an all-in-one music-production studio that streamlines the creative and collaborative process with an interface that's quicker, sleeker, and more intuitive than ever. Record audio on... Read more »

Reason 9 Arrives!

Today marked the official release of Propellerhead Software's Reason 9, the latest version of their music production software. Reason 9 expands on the powerful Reason platform with new devices, new tools, workflow... Read more »

Propellerhead Announces Upcoming Release of Reason 9

Propellerhead Software has announced the upcoming release of Reason 9, the latest version of the popular music creation software. A public beta for Reason 9 begins today, and the final software will be released on... Read more »

Propellerheads Announce A-List Studio Drummer

Propellerhead Software has announced their latest Rack Extension for Reason, A-List Studio Drummer. With more than 720 rhythms and 30 different styles — each played with five different drum kits, for a total... Read more »

Better Sounding Vocals for Your Mixes!

Great-sounding vocals; they're essential for a killer mix of your song. If you've been struggling to get your vocals sounding right in your mix, then the latest Picks for Quick Mix Fix Tricks tutorial from... Read more »

New Beat-making Tutorials from Propellerheads

The Propellerheads are back with two more Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet tutorials, this time covering Liquid Drum 'n' Bass and Trip Hop . Not into making beats or EDM? These are still awesome production tutorials that... Read more »

Building the Desktop Studio

Is there any question that the era of the desktop studio is here? With today's technology, you can assemble a studio that fits in a laptop bag and delivers fully pro power and sound quality. Here's the story: my... Read more »

How to Make Beats in Reason

Propellerhead Software has a cool video series going on how to make beats using Reason; the tutorial series is called "Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet" and currently consists of three videos covering different styles:... Read more »

Propellerhead and El Capitan

Propellerhead Software has announced that all of the latest versions of their products, including Reason 8, Reason Essentials 8, and the Balance audio interface have been tested with no problems found, and are... Read more »

Propellerheads Announce Reason 8.3

Propellerhead Software has released version 8.3 of Reason. The new version includes new features and effects designed to enhance creativity and provide a faster workflow. New in Reason 8.3: RV7000 Mk II — with... Read more »

Reason 8.3 Public Beta

Propellerhead has announced a public beta for Reason 8.3, beginning on June 9th. The official release of Reason 8.3 will be a free update for all users of Reason 8 and will be released to the public on June 30th... Read more »

$350 Worth of Instruments and Effects for Reason — Free!

During the month of June, 2015, you'll receive $350 worth of Rack Extension instruments and effects free when you purchase the full or student/academic version of Propellerhead Reason. Buy Reason now and get all of... Read more »

Propellerhead Reason and iOS Apps Demo by Sweetwater Sound

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a-sl6nXbeA Get Propellerhead Reason 8 here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Reason8 Gerry Bassermann from Propellerhead Software demonstrates how Reason DAW software can... Read more »

Reason 8.2 Update Released

Propellerhead Software has released version 8.2 of Reason. A big feature of the new version is auto-update, a convenience feature that allows Reason to automatically check for and install the most recent software... Read more »

Worship Workshops at Sweetwater Inspire Attendees

Sweetwater played host this week to an amazing lineup of key worship artists and musicians to present a special series of workshops centered around the latest tools and technology for worship. There's been a... Read more »

How to Ratchet Notes in a Step Sequencer

Let's say you've set up your step sequencer to the tempo and the note division that you want. However as your song progresses, you find you want to add trills and note flurries that are shorter than the chosen... Read more »

Buy Reason, Get Four Rack Extensions Free!

Now's the time to purchase Propellerhead Reason! Between February 16, 2015, and March 16, 2015, when you purchase the full version of Reason, you'll receive four Rack Extension plug-ins, completely free of charge... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015 – House of Worship: Change tempo in Reason 8 with no change to audio quality!

Gary, with Propellerhead Software, talks about the ease-of-use of Reason 8. Powerful DSP technology allows you to engage many components (instruments, effects, processing, etc.) without encumbering your computer.

Playing Keys while running MultiTracks

https://youtu.be/29aV9L_Rh3U In this video, Ian McIntosh shows how he decides between what to play Live on Keys and what to leave in the tracks in Ableton Live. You'll see how he has Ableton Live setup in Session... Read more »