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Latest Novation Articles

Re-creating the Lightsaber Sound

Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater's synth master, celebrates May The Fourth by recreating the light saber sound using the new Novation PEAK Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer. This light saber sound is further energized by... Read more »

Novation PEAK Polyphonic Synthesizer Demo

Mitch Gallagher presents the Novation PEAK synthesizer module, with help from Novation's Enrique Martinez. With three New Oxford Oscillators per voice, each with traditional waveshapes plus access to 17 digital... Read more »

Novation Releases Circuit v1.4 Firmware

The latest firmware release from Novation adds new features to the Circuit groovebox, making it more powerful than ever. The Circuit firmware v1.4 update is free, and can be done through the Circuit Components suite... Read more »

Novation Adds New Features with Circuit v1.3 Firmware

Novation has updated the firmware for their popular Circuit groovebox to version 1.3. The free firmware update adds powerful new features as well as streamlines and simplifies the Circuit workflow making it easier... Read more »

Novation Circuit Groovebox with Sample Import Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlwMFMOEKsw Enrique Martinez from Novation demonstrates some updated features for the Circuit Groovebox, including sample importing. Once you start making music with the Novation... Read more »

Launch Control XL Updated with HUI Support

Novation has announced that their popular Launch Control XL performance control surface now features HUI integration. Launch Control XL has always been tightly integrated with Ableton Live, but this update allows... Read more »

Novation Upgrades Circuit with Circuit Components

Novation's hugely popular Circuit is an awesome tool for creating instrument, with drum and synth parts that can be easily programmed to create patterns and with tons of real-time control. Now Novation has upped the... Read more »

Novation Blocs Wave App Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE8R83vLPwg Mitch Gallagher presents the Blocs Wave app by Novation, a unique loop-based music production app. You can record your own loops, import them from a library, or use the... Read more »

Novation Circuit Synthesizer/Sequencer Workstation Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlys6Jvxolw Mitch Gallagher gives an overview of the Novation Circuit, a 2-part synth and 4-part drum machine with built-in sequencing. This standalone groove box, with its onboard... Read more »

Novation Debuts Circuit

Novation has unveiled a new synthesizer workstation based around a 4x8 pad matrix: Circuit. The sonic power comes from two Nova series synth engines, a 4-part drum machine, onboard effects, a 128-step sequencer... Read more »

Novation MoroderNova Synthesizer Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irSQc28W6do Mitch Gallagher gives an in-depth demonstration of the sounds on the Novation MoroderNova synthesizer, with help from Daniel Fisher. The MoroderNova is a special edition... Read more »

Can I use my Novation LaunchKey or LaunchPad with iOS?

The Novation Launchkey 25, Launchkey 49, Launchkey 61, and Launchpad (MK2) are all class-compliant and USB powered. This means that yes, they are iOS compatible. However, they must be USB powered from a Mac, PC, or... Read more »

Novation MoroderNova Limited Edition

What do you get when you combine the genius of master sound designer and iconic synth master Giorgio Moroder with Novation's ultra-expressive UltraNova sound engine? The all-new, limited edition Novation... Read more »

Novation Launchpad Pro Demo by Sweetwater Sound

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJu7tpCigPA Get the Novation Launchpad Pro here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LaunchpadPro Thavius Beck from Novation presents the Launchpad Pro control surface. After the... Read more »

Novation Launch Control XL Review – Sweetwater’s iOS Update Vol. 97

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P7BwODwP40 Learn more about the Novation Launch Control XL here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LaunchContXL Mitch Gallagher demonstrates the Novation Launch Control XL... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015 – House of Worship: Novation’s new Launchpad Pro gives you unprecedented control over your Ableton Live tracks!

Thavius Beck, from Novation, unveils the Launchpad Pro, a professional grid performance instrument for Ableton Live. You get an 8 x 8 grid enhanced with RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, granting you the... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Novation Launchpad Pro

Novation is unveiling the Launchpad Pro, a professional grid performance instrument for Ableton Live. You get an 8 x 8 grid enhanced with RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, granting you the ability to play... Read more »

5 Pieces of Gear you Need to Run MultiTracks

https://youtu.be/ZRX4eZHkZkg What do you need to run MultiTracks? In this video, Will Doggett takes you through the 5 Pieces of Gear you Need to Run MultiTracks. It doesn't matter what your budget or experience is... Read more »

Novation Launch Control XL Control Surface Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRvW0xYZdKs Get the Novation Launch Control XL here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LaunchContXL Paul Heyerdahl from Novation presents the Launch Control XL, a control... Read more »

Novation Announces Launch Control XL

Novation has expanded their "Launch" family of MIDI control surfaces with the Launch Control XL, which is aimed at Ableton Live users — but it will let you take charge of just about any software or virtual... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2014: Novation Launch Control XL

Although they weren't exhibiting in Nashville, Novation had big news today. Designed for Ableton Live, but powerful enough for virtually any electronic music software, the Launch Control XL puts eight channels of... Read more »

Novation Launchpad 1.5

Novation has released version 1.5 of their Launchpad iOS app. The new version adds AudioBus compatibility.

Novation 1992-Today for UltraNova and MiniNova

The latest Soundpack for the Novation UltraNova and Mininova is "1992-Today," a collection of sounds from the iconic synthesizers released from 1992 until now. These 40 sounds will be instantly familiar, and will... Read more »

Novation Goes ’90s-retro

Got a Novation UltraNova or MiniNova? Then you'll want to download their latest SoundPack, intriguingly titled "1992-Today." Novation says this free collection includes "recognisable sounds from classic house, UK... Read more »