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Latest MODARTT Articles

MODARTT Pianoteq 4 Pro Virtual Piano Instrument Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64grcPIuffg See Pianoteq 4 Pro and other versions of Pianoteq 4 right here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/search.php?s=pianoteq&Go=Search Ray Williams from Music Marketing gives an... Read more »

Pianoteq STAGE

Modartt has released Pianoteq STAGE, formerly known as Pianoteq PLAY. STAGE is based on the award-winning physical piano model contained in Pianoteq Standard and Pianoteq PRO. STAGE's simpler interface is aimed at... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Modartt has released version 3.6.7 of Pianoteq. The new versions includes several fixes.

UPdates & UPgrades

WaveMachine Labs has released version 5.0.1 of Drumagog. The new version provides improved CPU usage as well as numerous fixes. Modartt has released version 3.6.5 of Pianoteq. The new version expands the range of... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Modartt has released version 3.6.2 of Pianoteq. The new version introduces celeste and glockenspiel instruments, which are included as demos. A "humanize" option has also been added to the Strike Position slider... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Line 6 has released version 3.72 of GearBox. This version includes the latest drivers for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Native Instruments has released version 1.2.5 of Traktor. This version includes a number of... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Modartt has released version 3.5.2 of Pianoteq. The new version includes support for the company's free Cimbalom add-on (see above), as well as various fixes.

Cimbalom, Anyone?

Modartt has released a free cimbalom add-on for their Pianoteq software. the new add-on is modeled after a instrument built in 2007 in Budapest. The cimbalom was an ancestor of the modern piano; the modern cimbalom... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Modartt has released version 3.5.1 of Pianoteq. The new version includes several fixes and improvements. Ableton has released version 8.0.9 of Live 8 and Live Suite 8. The new version includes updated manuals and... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Modartt has updated Pianoteq to version 3.0.3. New in this version are demos for two virtual vibraphones, aux outputs for Audio Units, and Linux support. Kurzweil has updated the PC3 series (PC3, PC3X, PC361)... Read more »

Updates & Upgrades

Modartt has updated Pianoteq to version 3.0.2. The new version includes modifications to the C3 instrument.

Updates and Upgrades

MOTU has updated BPM to version 1.01. More than a "maintenance update," v1.01 offers new features, such as the ability to drag and drop a slice loop into a bank, the ability to slice audio files, multiple sample... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Modartt has updated their Pianoteq modeled piano plug-in/standalone app to vesion 3. The latest version features a new acoustic model that simulates how sound radiates from the soundboard and cabinet. You can also... Read more »

Free Piano!

If you're a user of the Modartt Pianoteq, then you qualify to receive a free piano! Well, at least a free sampled piano that's compatible with Pianoteq. The new instruments is a modeled Walter pianoforte, circa 1790... Read more »