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Latest M-Audio Articles

Summer NAMM 2006: M-Audio EX66

The M-Audio EX66 digital high-definition studio reference monitors use a midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer (MTM) vertical array configuration to provide optimal imaging. The interaction of the two large drivers with the... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2006: M-Audio BX10s

The Studiophile BX10s active subwoofer is designed to augment the low-frequency response of the M-Audio BX5a and BX8a monitors, or any direct-field monitors that can benefit from the extended bass of a powerful... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2006: M-Audio Conectiv/Torq

M-Audio's new SynchroScience product development group has released Conectiv, a 4 x 4 USB audio interface built specifically for DJs, and the included Torq DJ software. The 16-bit/48kHz audio interface offers easy... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Roger Nichols Digital Inspector XL - This is a powerful analysis plug-in from seven-time Grammy winner Roger Nichols, whose resume includes producing and engineering for such diverse talents as Steely Dan, Joe... Read more »

M-Audio Trigger Finger Review

Programming drums can be a pain in the butt. Plunking little dots on a grid with a mouse is tedious, and often results in lame rhythms - which is fine, if you're into that sort of thing. For great-feeling drums and... Read more »

More M-Audio News

For musicians who want a user-friendly way to create music using their computers, M-Audio has introduced Session, new software with an emphasis on simplicity that empowers virtually anyone owning a PC to create... Read more »

M-Audio Goes Wireless

M-Audio has announced a new MidAir line of wireless USB MIDI controllers and interfaces created in partnership with Frontier Design Group. The MidAir 25, which is expected to ship this month at an MSRP of $249.95... Read more »

The State of the Intel Mac

Since the Intel-based Macintosh computers were first announced by Apple back in January, hardware and software manufacturers have been working tirelessly to make all their products compatible with both Intel- and... Read more »

M-Audio Delivers on Promise of Universal Binary

Recently, M-Audio promised comprehensive support for Apple's new Intel-based Mac computers, and now they've delivered the goods on their line of FireWire- and USB-compatible peripherals. The company has posted... Read more »

Axiom: Ready, Willing and Ableton

Ableton Live is hugely popular right now and so is M-Audio's Axiom line of mobile USB MIDI controllers. Now the two companies have announced that Live will soon get an update that supports the 25-, 49-, and 61-key... Read more »

M-Audio’s Black Box Gets a Firmware Update

Co-developed by M-Audio and Roger Linn Design and sporting AdrenaLinn technology, the Black Box combines amp modeling, beat-synced effects, guitar/mic preamps, and drum tracks plus an audio interface for... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Toward the end of last week, a mountain of new products hit our warehouse doors, so we'll use this special edition of inSync to help bring things up to date. Many of these new arrivals were just announced at the... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Roland SA-300 Stage Amplifier - This is a lightweight, portable all-in-one PA system that includes an integral 4-channel mixer with built-in effects. The 2-piece design is easy to carry at less than 42 pounds and it... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

M-Audio ProKeys 88sx - With 88-note velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted action and seven onboard sounds with 126-voice polyphony, the ProKeys 88sx weighs in at under 20 pounds and can be yours for under $400! The... Read more »

New in Stock At Sweetwater

M-Audio Black Box Pedal Board - This rugged, affordable metal controller for the M-Audio Black Box contains an expression pedal and two momentary footswitches, plus a cable snake that breaks out into three 1/4"... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

M-Audio ProSessions Volumes 30 and ProSessions Volumes 31 - These two volumes, dubbed "Late Night Sessions Volumes One and Two," are part of the Liquid Cinema Series, the brainchild of film composer Jeff Rona... Read more »

Don’t Forget Your Keys!

We're constantly amazed at the way the folks at M-Audio keep coming up with cool new products. The latest addition to their line of keyboards is the amazing ProKeys 88SX. The company already has an 88-note... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

M-Audio Oxygen 8v2 - This is an updated version of the mobile MIDI controller that started the whole mobile studio revolution. The Oxygen 8v2 is a fully functional, 25-note MIDI keyboard with great action, plus... Read more »

M-Audio Releases Beta Drivers for Intel-based Macs

With the attention on all the hot new products the company introduced at Winter NAMM (ten to be exact), M-Audio also posted Intel-based Mac beta drivers for their entire FireWire-compatible family of products... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater


New In Stock At Sweetwater

M-Audio Fast Track Pro - This is M-Audio's answer to the all-in-one audio/MIDI interface. It includes two phantom-powered mic/line inputs plus S/PDIF digital I/O, and features near zero-latency monitoring that's... Read more »

Limited Edition iZotope and GForce Bundles

M-Audio has announced the release of two limited availability bundles: the iZotope 64-bit Studio Processing Bundle and the GForce Future Retro Pack collection of GForce virtual instruments. These are limited-edition... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Digidesign SoundCode - Tightly integrated with Pro Tools software, the Neyrinck SoundCode for Dolby Digital plug-in suite delivers mastering quality tools for the encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

M-Audio Studio Pro 3 - When you need great sound in a compact, desktop system, you have a lot of choices. Unfortunately, most budget-friendly packages sound thin and wimpy. Though the M-Audio Studio 3 system is... Read more »