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Latest Kurzweil Articles

Kurzweil K2VX, K2VXS, K2500 price drop

Metric Halo's excellent Channel Strip plug-in is now available for RTAS, the Real Time Audio Suite plug-in architecture of the Digi 001. Channel Strip uses very little DSP and gives you everything you need for basic... Read more »

Kurzweil PC-2X

We've been receiving so much equipment since the winter NAMM show that today we're going to focus on some of the stuff we've been receiving just to try to catch up on the list. EMU Systems had a lot of success with... Read more »

Kurzweil SP76, SP88

Finally a single rack space professional CD player. And who's responsible? Sony of course. The new CDPD11 has all the features you'd expect in a professional rack mount unit and it's very reasonably priced at... Read more »

Hard drive sizes and power requirements with the Kurzweil K2000

We've had a few customers inquire about and/or have trouble with internal hard drives in their K2000's lately. 4.0 gig drives, which are among the smallest one can find these days, are not ideal for a K2000.Besides... Read more »

Kurzweil K2600 options

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: Some of this stuff isn't exactly "new" in stock, but it's important to clarify that we do now have all of the options for Kurzweil's amazing K2600 in stock, which means we can build... Read more »

Kurzweil Output Architecture

For all non-KDFX units (all K2000s and K2500s without KDFX) it works like this: A Outputs: Any Layer who's OUTPUT Pair (in OUTPUT Page) is set to A (FX) will first go to the A Output Jacks. If there are no cables... Read more »

Kurzweil user’s group

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: We've been adding a lot of innovative new wireless systems from Sony to our inventory recently. One product in particular we just received is the WRR800A68. It's a very affordably... Read more »

Kurzweil K2600 sampling options, PRAM upgrades

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: Those of you who are poised to buy, or who've already purchased Kurzweil's new K2600 will be happy to know we now have sampling options and PRAM upgrades in stock. They work in both... Read more »

Kurzweil KPK

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: Kurzweil has now officially thrown their hat into the electronic percussion ring by delivering the KPK (Kurzweil Percussion Kit). The kits come in a variety of configurations and... Read more »

Kurzweil K2600 manual

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: Emagic's new 8-port USB interface, the AMT-8, has arrived. The AMT-8 uses Emagic's AMT MIDI timing technology, which provides extremely accurate timing for MIDI events. We got a... Read more »

Kurzweil K2600

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: Who Hoo! The much anticipated Kurzweil K2600's are here. This machine is the most amazing Kurzweil yet, with extremely high quality balanced outputs and tons of awesome new sounds... Read more »

Kurzweil split files and download issues

Today's tip comes from Daniel Fisher, our Director of Soundware Engineering.Here at Sweetwater, we've put almost our entire Soundware Library for the Kurzweil on our Web site as individual files. (The idea being... Read more »

Kurzweil SP76, SP88

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: Give Kurzweil kudos for showing a new product and actually shipping it within the same half year. The new SP76 and SP88 portable stage pianos are here and they look like real... Read more »

Kurzweil K2000 update

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: A couple of new goodies from Digidesign. First, their new Bruno Reso cross synthesis TDM plug-in. It sounds unlike anything we've heard, producing very complex new sounds from... Read more »

Kurzweil file format

We seem to get lots of questions about computer compatibility with Kurzweil disks. Well, here's the lowdown from Daniel Fisher, our Chief Soundware Engineer."K2000/K2500/K2600 CD-ROMs are in a "semi-proprietary"... Read more »

Kurzweil PC88MX

Today's date: 9/9/99. No point to make. Just thought it worth mentioning.New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: Yamaha's done it again. Another great drum machine at a low price. The RY9 is loaded with great sounds and... Read more »

SCSI ID Issues with Kurzweil and Akai

Imagine this: an inSync reader with a SCSI problem. I guess that's better than a drinking problem (though one probably leads to the other). "I have a SCSI ID Problem. I have a K2000 Keyboard and an Akai S3000XL... Read more »

Looping on a Kurzweil

Kurzweil Sample Loop Question: A simple question about looping samples on Kurzweil machines:"Is there any limitation on the K2000/K2500 that prevents Sample Loop Pointers from being anywhere in the Sample? Ideally... Read more »

Y2K versus Kurzweil

An inSync reader and Sweetwater customer raises the Y2K question again:"I purchased a k2500x from Sweetwater over 2 years ago and the thought just occurred to me...is it Y2K compliant or will it roll over &... Read more »

Kurzweil Key Maps

Here's a pretty tweaky one that came in from a Kurzweil K2000 user:"I am trying to create a Keymap with a different Sample assigned to each key. I would like each Sample to play at its Root Key (no pitch shift)... Read more »

Playing Notes from a Kurzweil Rack Keypad

Any Kurzweil K2000R or K2500R Rack owner can use CANCEL button & any keypad button (including +/-, 0, and CLEAR) to play the 12 notes of an octave.Holding CANCEL and pressing the Up or Down Cursor changes... Read more »

Saving Kurzweil Banks With Master Tables

Been wanting to know how to save a single bank of objects and the Master Table (mix) without saving everything in a Kurzweil K2? This is a surprisingly common question our technical support staff gets.Resident... Read more »

Kurzweil KDFX Installation

As noted above, Kurzweil's KDFX option is shipping and lots of people are starting to ask questions about installability. Well, we have good news and bad news: The bad news is that in order to install a KDFX into... Read more »

More On Kurzweil PC-88 Zones

In response to our recent Tech Tip on PC-88 set ups and zones (TTOTD 6/4/98), Sweetwater Sound Sales Engineer Mike M. adds the following: "Another cool way to build a setup with the PC-88 is to start with setup #16... Read more »