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Latest Kurzweil Articles

113th AES Convention: Kurzweil Vintage Electric Piano ROM

Kurzweil debuted the Vintage Electric Piano ROM expansion for the K2600 series here at AES. Instruments include Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Hohner Pianet, Yamaha CP-80 Electric Grand and the RMI Electra... Read more »

Kurzweil ME-1

Brand spankin' new from Kurzweil, the ME-1 Micro Ensemble sound module features a huge range of piano, keyboard and synth sounds, plus strings, guitars, basses, voices, and drums - a total of 256 programs in... Read more »

Kurzweil PC2SRib

A couple great new Kurzweil options just arrived. For the PC2 controller we have the PC2S, a 3-zone, touch sensitive programmable ribbon controller. For the K2600 family there's the RM326, a new ROM board packed... Read more »

Kurzweil KSP8

Just in at Sweetwater is Kurzweil's KSP8, their massive, groundbreaking high-end processor that includes all the effects from their KDFX and then some, if you can believe it. The eight-channel KSP8 sports extremely... Read more »

RAM differences and Kurzweil samplers.

"I heard recently that I shouldn't buy RAM for my Kurzweil sampler from a computer vendor. The person told me there was special RAM for my Kurzweil that I have to get. Is that right?"No, not really, but there are... Read more »

Kurzweil OS/Base Rom incompatibilities.

We've had a number of customers run into trouble updating their Kurzweil K2600 software lately. Most of the confusion comes from a lack of awareness of how the machine's OS interacts with its ROM objects, which are... Read more »

Loading Kurzweil sounds/problems with file extensions.

I'm having trouble with sounds I download from the Sweetwater website for my Kurzweil. Some of them show up as two files intended for two floppy disks. However, when I make disks out of them the second disk never... Read more »

How to stop your Kurzweil from transmitting MIDI.

"I realize this may be a basic question,, but I want to stop my Kurzweil K2600 from transmitting MIDI at some points during a performance. How can I do that?"Well,, it probably is a basic question to some people... Read more »

Kurzweil Drops Prices! • EMagic has delivered the new Waveburner Pro CD authoring software.

EMagic has delivered the new Waveburner Pro CD authoring software. The integration of mastering plug-ins and support for VST format plug-ins, along with the ability to directly load and work with even more audio... Read more »

Kurzweil PC2 Rack Module

Kurzweil has struck another chord with musicians with the new PC2 rack module. It has phenomenal triple strike piano sounds, grinding tone wheel organs, punchy brass sections and a ton of other great sounds. It's... Read more »

Using your computer to manage and load files with your Kurzweil sampler

Our Tech Support Department continues to get inquiries about the feasibility of using computers to manage and load sounds for Kurzweil K2xxx keyboards. We know this has been covered up here before, but due to the... Read more »

Trying to load samples into your Kurzweil without sample RAM

Today's tip pays homage to cryptic error messages (believe it or not Microsoft and Apple don't have the monopoly on them)."I've been trying to load some new sounds into my Kurzweil, but they are either defective or... Read more »

B-Stock Kurzweil K2000’s and K2500’s

Roland has delivered a very cool edit controller for their VM-C7100 and 7200 digital mixers. The VE-7000 dedicated knobs and controls for EQ, gain, flex bus send level, on/off, pan, and more. Plus it has a joystick... Read more »

Kurzweil K2500, K2600 Tutorial CD-ROMs

Line 6 has ported their excellent guitar modeling algorithms into a stomp box distortion unit. The DM4 has 16 different distortion models including vintage amps, basic overdrives, and full tilt distortions. It also... Read more »

Kurzweil PC2 price lowered

What could be cooler than a product called the Jam Station. Boss' new JS-5 (Jam Station) is in stock and ready to roll. It is designed to make it easy for you to jam along to high-quality accompaniments, create new... Read more »

Sweetwater lowers price on Kurzweil K2500X and XS

You've just got to have one of these. Antares has ported their astounding Mic Modeler technology into a hardware processor. The AMM1 is a single rack space device that can change the sound of most any microphone... Read more »

Kurzweil SP88X

Kurzweil's new SP88X adds an excellent weighted action keyboard to their popular SP88. This is the last piece of the puzzle to make it a dynamite controller for those who want a real piano feel. All of the other... Read more »

Option compatibility between Kurzweil samplers

We've had a number of people inquire whether their options installed in a Kurzweil K2500 will work in a K2600. The answer, as usual, is more involved than a simple yes or no.The PRAM upgrade for the two machines is... Read more »

Kurzweil PC-88MX, K2VX, K2VP

Denon claims their new DN2600F dual CD player is the most advanced system for DJ applications in the world. And from what we can see it is. The list of features is mind boggling, but we've heard it in action and it... Read more »

Free Kurzweil Sounds Promotion

Finally there is an affordable way to add PCI slots to your PowerBook or PC laptop. Magma has shipped us their first batch of the new CB2 Expansion Chassis. The two slot chassis connects to your PowerBook through... Read more »

Free Sounds for your Kurzweil

Readers of InSync know Sweetwater as a distinguished retailer of music technology equipment and experts in professional audio and recording issues. What you may not be aware of is that Sweetwater is also a factory... Read more »

Free Kurzweil Sounds

We've just received a batch of a very interesting product. A friend of ours recently set up and conducted a very scientific test of microphone preamps. High end and low end preamps of many makes and brands were all... Read more »

Getting EMU sounds into your Kurzweil

"I recently read that the new K2600 will read EMU CD ROM discs as well as all the others. Is there a software upgrade or a translator that will allow my K2500 to do the same?"First of all the K2600 cannot read EMU... Read more »

Using the sequencer while your Kurzweil is in other modes

When you're in Setup mode on your Kurzweil (K2000, K2500, K2600), you can quickly check your work by having a sequence recorded that will use the sound(s) you are working on. It's easy to initiate a sequence from... Read more »