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Latest Kemper Articles

Bass Amping Made Easy presented by Brandon Aaronson from Jesus Culture

https://youtu.be/hN1p0IAghLM Brandon Aaronson from Jesus Culture shares tips on amping electric bass guitar. Brandon explains how he uses the Kemper Profiling Amplifier while touring with Jesus Culture. After the... Read more »

Kemper Releases Profiler OS 3.2

Kemper has released Kemper Profiler and Profiling Amp Operating System Version 3.2. The new version adds a number of enhancements, with the main feature being Kemper's new Pure Cabinet technology. This can remove or... Read more »

How to Reamp Digitally Using the Kemper Profiling Amplifier

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is one of the most exciting digital guitar processors to be released in the last couple of years. By taking "profiles" of guitar and bass amplifiers, it can capture the sound of a rig... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2015: Kemper Profiler Remote

If you have a Kemper Profiler Amp, then you'll want to check out this Profiler Remote foot controller system. The Profiler Remote doesn't just match the aesthetic of the Profiler Amp, it offers tight integration... Read more »

Kemper Introduces Profiler Remote

The eagerly awaited foot controller from Kemper for their Profiler Amp is here! The Profiler Remote tightly integrates with the Profiler Amp to provide easy, flexible foot control over the amp's operation. The... Read more »

Kemper Profiling Amplifier Updated for Bass and More

Kemper has released OS 2.7.0 for the Profiling Amp family. The new version includes a number of fixes and additions: User Interface fixed: memory garbage displayed, if current View contains only one single rig... Read more »

Can I Capture Kemper Profiles with Effects?

Q: I have a Kemper Profiling Amp, and I want to capture profiles of my rig. Do I have to profile just the amp by itself, or can I use pedals and effects running through the amp I amp profiling? A: The answer depends... Read more »

Can I bypass the Kemper PowerHead Power Amp and Record Direct?

Q: I'm thinking about getting a Kemper Profiler PowerHead; can I bypass the onboard power amp/speaker outputs and still record direct from it? A: Yes, the PowerHead can be used for direct recording or to feed... Read more »

Kemper Releases Firmware v2.0 for Profiling Amp

Kemper has released version 2.0 firmware for the Profiling Amps. Version 2 is a major update, adding a collection of new polyphonic pitch shifting effects, including a real-time formant shifter optimized for guitar... Read more »

M.I.P.A. Winners Announced

Each year, at the Musikmesse trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, the world's journalists get together and present awards to the best products in a wide range of categories — the Musikmesse International Press... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2013: Kemper Profiler New Models

When Kemper launched their Profiling Amplifier at last winter's NAMM show, the whole guitar world stood up and took notice. Now they're doing it again with three new Profiler models. The Profiler PowerHead adds a... Read more »

Sweetwater Minute – Vol. 177, Top 10 Products of 2012

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRyHThPLNls PRS 408: Universal Audio Apollo: Roland Integra-7: Marshall DSL Amplifiers: Avid HD Native Thunderbolt: Mackie DL1608: Kemper Profiling Amplifier: Line 6 StageScape M20d:... Read more »

Kemper 1.5

Kemper has released version 1.5 software for the Kemper Profiling Amp. The key feature in this release is Cab Driver, which allows the Amp to be played through a guitar speaker cabinet without modifying the presets... Read more »

Kemper v1.1

Kemper has released firmware version 1.1 for the Profiling Amp. The new firmware includes new effects and amp profiles, created by the Kemper profiling team. Eight new amplifier are included, as are eight new... Read more »

MIPA 2012

At a ceremony held on March 22, the 13th annual MIPAs (Musikmesse International Press Award) were presented to the industry. For the MIPAs, journalists from more than 100 magazines vote for the best music and pro... Read more »


A technology developed by Kemper for their Profiling Amp. "Profiling" is similar in concept to convolution, where a "sample" or "profile" of a guitar amplifier is captured, then used to process incoming signals... Read more »

Kemper Profiling Amp and Speakers

Q: Can the Kemper Profiling Amp plug straight into my 4x12 cabinet when I am onstage? A: The Kemper Profiling Amp does not have a power amp onboard; you'll need to route it into a stand-alone power amp or the power... Read more »

The Future of Guitar Amp Modeling

If you've been following high-tech guitar gear lately, you've probably come across the new Kemper Profiling Amp. Even if you're not a guitarist, this ingenious little box has serious implications for guitar... Read more »

NAMM News: Kemper Profiling Amp

Throughout the past few years, amp and effects modeling technology has become all the rage. Now, Kemper brings it to the next level. Using the new Profiling Amp, you can create the sound of your very own gear (or... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2011: Kemper Profiling Amp

Throughout the past few years, amp and effects modeling technology has become all the rage. Now, Kemper brings it to the next level. Using the new Profiling Amp, you can create a model of your very own gear (or... Read more »