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Latest JBL Articles

24 Days Of Giving

There's just something about the holidays that puts us in a giving mood here at Sweetwater! Beginning December 1, we're going to give away a special music or audio gift every day - and we're going to keep doing... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Edirol Video R-4 Pro - This futuristic 24-bit recorder has features like rugged construction, a robust feature set and great sound quality. But the R-4 Pro also includes AES/EBU support, SMPTE time code and premium... Read more »

TEC Award Winners for 2006

Each year, the Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio presents the TEC Awards for outstanding achievement in 15 categories. Founded in 1985, the Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards is the foremost program... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

G7th Capo - Okay, normally we don't get excited over a capo, but this one won a Guitarist magazine 'Gold Award' and an Acoustic Guitar magazine 'Bronze Award' just two months after it shipped. The G7th is a... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Gibson Les Paul Standard "Lefty" - What started out as a simple gold-top guitar has turned into a veritable rainbow of colors, in configurations to meet everyone's needs, wants, and yes, even budget. Picking up the... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster - While Highway 1 remains the same, the Highway 1 Strat has been newly "repaved" with a thin-skinned satin nitrocellulose lacquer finish. While they were at it, Fender also added hotter... Read more »

Native Instruments Celebrates Its 10-year “NI-VERSARY”

It's hard to believe, but it was ten years ago that a tiny Berlin-based company called Native Instruments released its very first product, a modular software synth called Generator, which eventually evolved into the... Read more »

The Lowdown on JBL’s New Sub

JBL Professional has expanded its LSR4300 family by introducing the LSR4312SP Linear Spatial Reference powered subwoofer with the company's Room Mode Correction (RMC) technology for measuring and automatically... Read more »

Mac Support for JBL LSR4300

The JBL LSR4300 Series is an amazing line of professional studio monitors with computer connectivity, networking, and even automatic room compensation (just in case you didn't design your room to be acoustically... Read more »

JBL LSR4300 Series Monitors Now in Stock

Only the JBL LSR4300 Series was designed from the ground up to be the very first professional studio monitor with comprehensive computer connectivity, networking capabilities, and JBL's awesome automatic room... Read more »


We're big fans of JBL's top-of-the-line LSR6300 studio monitors, which feature built-in RMC (Room Mode Correction). Now JBL has announced the more economically priced LSR4300 series, which take RMC to the next level... Read more »

119th AES Convention: JBL LSR4300 Series

The biggest challenge for anyone producing audio is creating a mix that sounds great on all playback systems. Much of the problem is caused by the mixing room interacting with the studio monitors and creating an... Read more »

Smart Monitors

JBL announced their new LSR4300 series of monitors at the PLASA (Professional Light And Sound Association) 2006 show. The new monitors feature the Harman HiQnet network intelligence and an automated version of JBL's... Read more »

Digidesign Announces SoundFuel Solid

Digidesign has announced SoundFuel Solid, a new software synthesizer for Pro Tools HD systems. Solid is designed to recreate the warm, analog sounds of '70s and '80s synthesizers while also offering modern patches... Read more »

Sweetwater Price Reduction: JBL SF25!

Sweetwater Price Reduction: JBL SF25! Sweetwater has lowered the price on the ever-popular

115th AES Convention: JBL LSR6300 Series Monitors

The JBL LSR6300 Series professional loudspeakers supply the accuracy and performance needed in demanding music, post audio and broadcast applications. Each model provides ultra-flat response, extraordinary SPL... Read more »

JBL’s MP415

JBL's latest member of their versatile MPro Series speakers has arrived at our doors. The MP415 is a portable 15-inch, two-way speaker system delivering 350 watts in a multi-angle enclosure that supports main PA or... Read more »

The new EonSub G2 from JBL is in!

The EONSUB G2 subwoofer from JBL is the perfect companion for JBL's other EON Series powered speakers (the EON10 G2 or EON15 G2) any sound system needing extra low end. The sound this compact speaker puts out is... Read more »

The JBL EON10 G2 – Ample Power from a Compact Speaker!

The JBL EON10 G2 features ample power for a compact powered speaker - 125 watts for low frequencies and 50 watts for the highs. The 10" Differential Drive low frequency driver uses a neodymium magnet for light... Read more »

JBL EON G2 System

The new JBL Eon G2 System is in stock. It's based around the new and improved Eon G2 speaker, which sounds significantly better than the older Eon model. The system adds a MusicMix mixer and two M50S microphones, as... Read more »


JBL has raised the bar on self powered portable speaker systems with their new EON 15 G2. It delivers 300 watts of power to a 15" neodymium Differential Drive low frequency driver that boasts a dual neodymium magnet... Read more »

July Web Prize: JBL LSR25P

You asked for it, so you're going to get it. Last year we brought you Sweetwater t-shirts. This year you asked for something nicer so we've finally done it. Now you can find a whole slew of Sweetwater shirts from... Read more »

Sweetwater Web Prize for July: JBL LSR25P’s

It's HOT! It's July. If you're serious about CD duplication you want the Microboards CD Duplicator Inferno. Now in stock at Sweetwater is the Inferno 5 duplication system, which consists of five 8X writers, one 40X... Read more »


JBL keeps kicking out great monitoring systems. The new LSR25P is the latest. It sports all of the great LSR technology wrapped up in an enclosure containing a 5.25" woofer and 1" titanium tweeter. AND, they're... Read more »