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Latest Dolby Articles

Dolby Virtual Speaker

An algorithm created by Dolby that attempts to reproduce the dynamics and surround-sound effects of a precisely placed 5.1-channel speaker system from a consumer electronics device or personal computer equipped with... Read more »

Dolby E vs. Dolby Digital

Q: "Has Dolby E replaced Dolby Digital - are there plans for it to?" A: Dolby E does not replace Dolby Digital: it is an encoding technology for multichannel audio used only (at this point) for professional... Read more »

Dolby E

A multichannel coding system developed by Dolby where up to eight channels of high-quality audio plus Dolby Digital metadata can be distributed via an AES3 pair, or recorded onto two audio tracks of a digital VTR... Read more »

Distinctions between THX, DTS, Dolby Digital, and AC-3

Today's question may not be directly about music production, but it is related, and concerns information any studio owner should be minimally on top of."When I go see movies I see lots of terms like DTS, THX, Dolby... Read more »

Dolby Labs multichannel audio papers

Yamaha has had huge success with their S80 keyboard and controller. Now they've released the S30 to an anxious crowd. The S30 is identical to the S80 in every way except is has only 61 unweighted keys and one... Read more »

Dolby Labs’ Dolby Headphone

New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: No specific product today, but you should know that we have been stocking up on Monster brand cables for the past couple of months. You really ought to take a close look at Monster... Read more »

Virtual Dolby Surround

Similar to Virtual Dolby Digital, Virtual Dolby Surround is another way to use the Dolby Digital bit stream from a DVD-ROM. The first step is for the Dolby Digital decoder to down mix the 5.1 channels into a Dolby... Read more »

Virtual Dolby Digital

Dolby has specifically developed three types of "virtual" surround processing for computers, computer games, and video games. In "virtual" implementations, "phantom" speakers are created, as processing provides... Read more »

Dolby Digital

Also known as AC-3, Dolby Digital is an advanced perceptual coding technology for transmission and storage of up to five full-range channels (Left, Center, Right, Left Rear, Right Rear), plus a supplemental... Read more »

Dolby Pro Logic

Dolby's second generation licensed home surround system. A major advantage of Dolby Pro Logic over the preceding system (Dolby Surround) is the use of an active center channel with its own speaker. Conventional... Read more »

More On Dolby B and Dolby S Compatibility

More on the Dolby S and Dolby B compatibility issue (see TTOTD 10/9/98). Several readers responded to this issue of Dolby S encoded tapes being able to be played back with Dolby B noise reduction saying that it... Read more »

Dolby Surround

Dolby Surround is an early home embodiment of Dolby Stereo. Video production companies are licensed to make VHS tapes and laserdiscs that contain the same 4-channel matrix encoded information that was contained on... Read more »

Dolby S and Dolby B Compatibility

Speaking of Dolby, a recent inSync question resulted in me responding that the various Dolby noise reduction schemes are not compatible with one another (see TTOTD 9/17/98). This is true, except for one exception I... Read more »

Dolby Stereo

After introducing the use of Dolby A-type noise reduction to the film industry, Dolby's next major contribution was Dolby Stereo. This contribution allowed movie makers to put 4 channels (hmm... most people call... Read more »

Dolby HX Pro

Dolby HX Pro was introduced in the early 1980's and provides high frequency headroom extension for analog tape recordings. Because it has the Dolby name and is included in most modern tape recording machines many... Read more »

Dolby S

The consumer version of Dolby SR noise reduction. Dolby S-type noise reduction was derived from Dolby SR, and shares with it such developments as combining both fixed and sliding bands, anti-saturation, spectral... Read more »

Dolby SR

Dolby SR (SR is the abbreviation for Spectral Recording) was introduced in 1986 as Dolby's second generation professional recording system. Not only was it designed to provide more noise reduction than past systems... Read more »

Dolby C

Dolby C-type noise reduction, introduced in 1981, was Dolby's second generation consumer system -- basically doubling the amount of noise reduction that Dolby B-type provided, while having fewer negative side... Read more »

Dolby B

Dolby B-type noise reduction, providing about 10 dB of noise reduction at high frequencies, was a simplification of A-type that was introduced in 1968. It worked by boosting high frequencies on recording them and... Read more »

Dolby A

The first noise reduction process developed by Dolby Labs. Introduced in 1965, it was designed for use by professional recording studios to make quiet master tape recordings. In the early to mid 1970's its use was... Read more »


Short for Dolby Laboratories, this word is often used to generically refer to noise reduction, for which they are famous. Dolby Labs was founded in 1965 when they developed their first noise reduction systems. Since... Read more »